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Our team reflects our belief in quality over quantity. Some of our past projects have resulted in publications and patents, have been featured in the press, and have been deployed with well-known brands. We do few things, but we do them extremely well:

Machine Learning -- Deep Learning / AI / RNNs
Computer Vision
Product Strategy and Product Roadmap
MVP Development

We're a small team that's about making an outsized impact. We embrace diversity, investing in our employees, and flexible work schedules. We aim to enjoy our work and deliver beyond expectations. If you’re a technologist who wants to work on projects that make a difference, please reach out to us.

Currently, we’re looking to hire two full-time Software Development Engineers (ML). Titles can be arbitrary, so you should consider yourself a good fit for this if:

You enjoy solving hard technical problems at scale, for real business impact.
You’re comfortable proposing end-to-end technical architectures that balance modularity, scalability, operations, security, and cost.
You’re fluent in the AWS stack. This does not mean you understand every AWS service or that you have an AWS certification, but it does mean that you could independently design and build a distributed API within AWS that reflects modern best practices.
You understand that clarity and simplicity -- in code and in communication -- are worth striving for.
You have at least a passing familiarity with computer vision / machine learning, and an interest in developing your skills there.

As a distributed team, some key qualities are particularly important for all of us at Hop Labs:

A strong sense of ownership and initiative
Clear and consistent communication
A collaborative mindset
Clear thinking and attention to detail for complex projects

For this role specifically:

Open to all backgrounds, though machine-learning background preferred
Intermediate to senior level
Location: remote within the U.S.
U.S. work authorization required

The Process

If you’re interested in applying, please email hiring@hoplabs.com with an introduction and a description of what you’re looking for in the next stage of your career.


Author: hoplabs
Category: Programming - Other

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Minimum 2 years of Scala development.
Good knowledge of SQL.
Experience with NoSQL databases (MongoDB, ElasticSearch, Cassandra).
Experience with distributed systems.

Experience in the development of REST API web services.
(benefical) Good level of English language.
(benefical) Experience with Kubernetes and Docker.
(benefical) Experience with functional libraries, e.g., cats-effect or ZIO.

Your team is in charge of developing platform services to support product teams build their high-level functionality and features on top.

You will be developing and supporting multiple projects in the food domain. Our core system is an elaborate entity graph consisting of recipes, products, allergies, nutrients, retailer products, etc.
We expect you will be involved in all stages of development from designing solutions until deploying artifacts on production.

Contract-based (long-term project), full-time (40 hours per week).
100% remotely.
Time zone preferred: any which allows you to work comfortably with GMT+3.

Author: samsungnext
Category: Programming - Castom soft и Plagins

- closed

Advanced knowledge of software development and architecture.

Deep knowledge and understanding:

Networking and protocols;
Software architecture;
Testing methodologies;

Secure application principles;
Principles of clean and maintainable code;
Documentation-first approach;
Strong team player and robust communication skills;
Spoken English is must;

Understanding base Agile methodologies;
You must eat a peck of salt in your previous projects.

Extra information:

Other languages like NodeJS, RoR, C#, and Java.
Any backend experience is appreciated (even Perl and Erlang :-)).
Frontend development is a plus (ReactJS, Vue, Angular) (not all of them, at least one is already a big plus).
Docker and K8s.

AWS certification/experience is a big plus.
API testing, integration testing.
Performance and stress testing.
Open-source contribution.

Be part of an outstanding international team to create the future of the electric power retail market.

One of the ambitious and futuristic project: changing the world energy. We are trying to kill all coal-fired power stations in the next 5 years in Australia and in the rest of the world after that.
You chance to fix this world and make it a little bit better for future generations.

We are using the most recent tech stack and always are open for R&D and future tech adoption. Do not waste your talent working with dying tech for useless projects. Your life and talent are priceless, use it wisely.
It is not outsourcing/out-staffing. We are one big happy team.

Some additional goodies included:

Our office is fully equipped and located in Kremenchuk, Sydney, or Tel-Aviv.
We provide a laptop and all necessary equipment (iPhone, iPad, Android devices, etc.) to our developers.

Working hours are flexible, like completely flexible. You can work as much as you wish and whenever you want. The only requirements is to participate in planned meetings.
You get free English lessons with a qualified IT English teacher and native speaker.

The webinars, courses, and conferences for your professional development are fully compensated.
24 paid holidays a year.

The fantastic team of professionals, that will make your work enjoyable and your work valuable.

Author: madappgang
Category: Programming - Castom soft и Plagins

- closed


3+ years of experience with Android SDK.
Knowledge of RxJava, Architecture Components libraries, Dagger/Koin, Firebase.
Knowledge of Kotlin programming language.
Experience in customizing UI or/and developing custom controls.

Understanding of Material Design guidelines and willingness to stick to them, sense of good UX. Good knowledge and understanding of client/server architecture and REST services.

Ability and willingness to participate in requirements analysis.
Ability and willingness to present own point of view, listen and give feedback on the calls with business stakeholders.
Fluent oral and written English to collaborate with technical and business people from the USA.

Lead the design and development of innovative solutions to both technical and business problems.
Communicate regularly and write clean code. Review, analyze and resolve application issues as needed. Write automated tests, and help define our technical roadmap.

Collaborate with team members on the design and implementation of new functionalities on the different platforms, assist QA team in creating and maintaining product knowledge base.
Partner with business stakeholders to deliver features on time and to specifications.

Participate in planning discussions and lead related design discussions and in product meetings with business owners providing personal input to enhance the product.

Evaluate strategies and make recommendations on changes and improvements.

Continuously learn and keep up to date with emerging technologies to evaluate impact to business and member value.

Great team of first-class professionals to work with and learn from and warm friendly atmosphere.
Competitive salary + above market salaries for top employees, considerable quarterly bonuses for top results.
Full medical insurance.

Paid vacations and sick days, flexible working hours.
Benefits for better employee experience — professional, sport, child care, hobby reimbursement.

Professional growth and range of career opportunities in international business environment: learning and development, coaching and mentoring.
Unique working environment where you will be a part of our clients and partners teams.

Author: upteam
Category: Mobile platform - Android OS

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