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We are a distributed design/build/operate agency with broad and deep experience: frog design, innovative iPad apps pre-loaded in the Apple retail store, stealth mode health care startups, numerous scaled web applications, and so on. We have a strong operational focus with an eye towards organizational efficiency.

An innovative startup backed by high profile ex-Disney employees and Ivy League CS professors is working with us to build out phase two of a groundbreaking HTML5/CSS3/Javascript single page "experience".

In phase one, we worked closely with the client to bring their original vision to life, creating a stunning, HTML5/CSS3/«old link» based, iPad-centric application. The back end is powered by fully buzzword compliant technology («old link», AWS, etc.) and we've spent a lot of time creating a state-of-the-art (whatever "art" is in back-end engineering), highly fault tolerant, superawesome auto-scaling system. It slices bread too.

You'll be coming up to speed on what we've done to date, shaking your head at our awesomeness, but not averting your eyes when you unconver the inevitable wart or two (or twenty). We need someone who will be able to dive into the code, understand how past deities constructed our little universe, then move the project into the next phase, helping other developers along in the journey.

As developers ourselves, we're committed to doing the job right, which means providing great tools and development infrastructure and giving you all the rope you need to do you job without checking in every ten minutes (i.e. lots of rope, but not enough to hang yourself). We're fans of QA and automated testing; these are baked into the project from the get-go.

This is what we would like to see from you: something freaking amazing. This is not a normal web experience, so please bring something interesting to the table we can talk to you about. Mobile experience would be great, but not required. But great, nonetheless.

The obligatory bulleted list:
Demonstrated experience in making people go 'wow'.
Mucho Javascript experience
Daily sit-downs, possible travel to San Francisco/NYC area(s) on our dime.

Author: Confidential
Category: Programming - Other

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We are seeking a high-quality programmer with 5-10 + years experience in PHP, CSS, jQuery, Ajax, HTML5 and MySQL

We are a growing web development company and need someone who can jump in and handle tasks on a daily basis. We have our own proprietary CMS which constantly needs new modules, ongoing projects which require cleaning and new projects which require TOP QUALITY programming with FRONT END standards taken into high account. If you're just a programmer, and don't have CSS skills, please don't apply.

Thank you and we look forward to engaging with you!

Author: Confidential
Category: Programming - Other

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Use All Five is looking for Flash interactive developer to help us prototype a new video player project. The ideal candidate will have proven experience creating rich and engaging user interfaces, especially for video, utilizing a combination of Flash/AS3 development.

At least 2-3 years experience developing Flash projects in a working environment
Expert knowledge of Flash, Flex, ActionScript 3 development experience
Exceptional understanding of and practice using Object Oriented Coding principles
Experience with video players and video streaming from a Flash Media Server
Flexibility to juggle multiple projects while being able to solve problems independently, adapt to quickly changing priorities, maintain a high-level of work under pressure, and deliver on required timelines
Ability to effectively communicate your work with both technical and non-technical peers
Enjoy working both in teams and independently as required by the projects and tasks at hand
Superior attention to detail and a strong ability to Q/A one's own work required, including cross-browser and cross-platform displays and performance

Bonus Points:
Converting Flash prototypes to HTML5/JS players
Agile Methodology

Author: Confidential
Category: Programming - Other

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CheriMedia group is moving one of our properties from a proprietary cms (php+mysql) to WordPress. We are seeking a qualified applicant with knowledge of database migration and the WordPress database api.

Responsabilitys include:
creation of database migration strategy
script a taxonomy term export tool to convert existing tags to custom taxonomies in new WordPress environment
script a post export tool to convert existing posts to custom post types in new WordPress environment
script a url redirect export tool to record existing urls that can be used to redirect old posts to the new permalink structure
script a testing / verification tool that will confirm that the correct number of posts have been sucessfully imported into the database.

Send a cover letter describing why your experience would be a good fit for this position, resume, and link to your online portfolio to russell@cherimedia.com Please include recent WordPress experience
and a reference to developers or dba's that you have worked with on similar projects.

Cheri Media is an online publishing company with staff in New York, Los Angeles, and Atlanta. We are a passionate group of individuals that are dedicated to making the music journalism world better with superior thought leadership and innovative interactive experiences. Our flagship publication is «old link», which serves a monthly audience of 2 million readers.

Author: Confidential
Category: Programming - Other

- closed