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For almost three years, A Book Apart has been publishing brief books for people who make websites. We cover the emerging and essential topics in web design and development with style, clarity, and, above all, brevity—because working designer-developers can’t afford to waste time. And in these three years, the global community of designer-developers have found and supported us.

We know, however, that many of our books would be highly beneficial tools to a wider audience. Print designers, start-up employees, university students, we want to reach out to these communities (and others) and help them find our current and future titles. We are looking for an evangelist who will help us develop and execute a strategy to expand the current A Book Apart community.

We are not looking for a traditional marketer or publicist. We want you to understand and appreciate the books we publish and be creative in your proposals of how to share them with more people. We want you to think less about selling books and more about finding audiences who would appreciate our books, if they only knew about them.

We are looking for someone with strong research and communication skills. Experience in book publicity is swell, but so is applicable experience from another field. Knowledge of our current book offerings is beneficial.

This role is paid by stipend, and will consume in the neighborhood of 10-15 hours a month. You can work remotely, and at any time, provided you are available for regular Skype calls with our core team in New York.

Author: Confidential
Category: Freelance - Other

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This tech savvy candidate must be a proactive, passionate product-owner, willing to take initiative and work independently. The candidate must be comfortable acting as technical lead in a larger team of developers. This role reports directly to the Senior Director of Technology.

Essential Responsibilities:* Maintain, update, architect, create, and modify Drupal CMS modules.* Maintain, create, and modify Drupal themes and sub-themes.* Maintain, create, and modify Drupal content types, and taxonomies.

Qualifications/Requirements:* Bachelors in Computer Science or Engineering / Comparable experience* Three or more years’ experience with PHP and developing in a LAMP environment.* Two or more years’ experience with Drupal, including a proven record of Drupal 6 achievements.* Previous experience with memcache, Hibernate, Varnish, AICache and/or similar caching and web acceleration mechanisms.* Experience developing and scaling large / enterprise web sites.* Ability to manage and prioritize multiple task and projects at once.

* Strong interpersonal, communication, and management skills to complement technical expertise.* Ability to work within Agile development methodology and manage rapid changes, particularly SCRUM.* Strong knowledge of web standard code.

Desired Characteristics:* Passion for technology and innovation* Ability to effectively problem solve, analyze, and think clearly in a multitude of situations.* Excellent oral and written communication skills* Ability to work on multiple projects in a dynamic, high stakes environment* Willingness to not only execute but proactively recommends* Quality oriented individual with a focus on execution* Excited about the future of television, media, and culture

* Experience with entertainment & media websites a plus* Experience with SVN, GitHub and other version control a plus.* Experience with internet APIs , mashups, and aggregators a plus* Knowledge of object oriented design including MVC, a plus.* Experience with unix / linux system admin, application servers, or content management systems a plus.* Experience with front end development a plus* Experience with developing with Facebook applications or other viral/social platforms a plus.* Experience with Omniture or similar metrics and reporting tools a plus* Experience with DART or similar ad serving engines, a plus* Loving to learn, share, and have fun ,a plus

Author: Confidential
Category: Freelance - Other

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I am looking to hire a blogger/community/marketing manager for «old link» and «old link». You must have a cooking background,with samples, be familiar with internet marketing, and be interested in the topic.

I will require at least 3-6 posts weekly, possibly more.
I am looking for long term commitments.

Author: Confidential
Category: Freelance - Other

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Author: afshan
Category: Freelance - Consultation

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