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The administration reserves the right to delete projects / vacancies that do not comply with the rules of the site without notice.


The site is prohibited::

Х place project and vacancy not related of site.
Х place your resume on main page.
Х place vacancies and projects without a proper description.
Х place spam messages and referral links.
Х duplicate an active / current vacancy or project.


Designations on site:

[!]l - if some errors or spam in vacancy, click on this symbol.

[¢] - this icon indicates - order is urgent.

[$] - this icon indicates - employer have a prepay.



! Advantages of our service:

Х quick search for current vacancies and projects
Х quick sorting of projects by category and date
Х auto category selection when creating a project
Х quick sorting of projects by status and category
Х publication of project/vacancy without registration


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