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date Offers: Administration - Technical support budget

We are Advant Interactive, a group of design and developer nerds. We’re a small bunch so far but we have plans for world domination. We’re based in Long Beach, just a Kobe 3-pointer from the beach, and a taxi ride from the heart of LA. We are on the lookout for an individual who seeks a position at the cutting edge of web development. All candidates must work with speed and enjoy sweating over tight deadlines. They must live to code and not be happy until they’ve seen a project through from insemination to birth to that first day at kindergarten.

Who are you? The dude (or dudette) for the role should have a minimum of two years in the world of web development, with a portfolio that’s likely to blow our socks off.

Because we live in the virtual world, it does not matter where you reside, as long as you are available during business hours. Still reading?

Can you tick these boxes?

- You are a Wordpress Whiz and have extensive knowledge/experience with front-end work.

- You’re a dab hand in JavaScript/jQuery (If you can write plugins as well then that’s a bonus, but you must be able to write and implement small-to-medium scripts at least)

- You’re an old pro in writing raw HTML and CSS (especially HTML5 and CSS3)

- You’re used to developing in a LAMP environment

- You’re on-the-button with current Web standards, optimization techniques and best practices

- You’re full of knowledge regarding Twitter Bootstrap and Foundation

- You’re a web developer with two or more years of professional industry experience

And it goes without saying You can both talk the talk and walk the walk. You have 20:20 vision when it comes to fine details. You consider missing a deadline one of the seven deadly sins

Author: Confidential
Category: Administration - Technical support

1000 $ closed



Looking for a talented graphic design minimalist to whom the ideas of UI/UX are not foreign and the thought of designing a new social application is out of this world.

Compensation will be a flat fee for the entire project.

Flash and or other movement based design program experience a plus.

Please attach link(s) to your portfolio.

Author: Confidential
Category: Administration - Technical support

5450 $ closed

Businesses, Agencies, Teams – Need Help with Content? BETA LAUNCH! Visit Our Marketplace

Are you a business, PR agency, SEO agency, in-house employee or anyone else that needs help with writing and managing content? We built «old link», an online marketplace designed to bring together US based writers with people who need content.

In our BETA LAUNCH, we are offering a FREE $30 credit on Content Runner to businesses & agencies to demonstrate our quality. If you are interested email, Rich@contentrunner.com

We just created an article on what ContentRunner can do for your agency or small business:
«ссылка устарела»

Some of the benefits you will get from using «old link»:

- Set your own price and make new writer relationships
- Manage all your writing projects in one place, track orders by status and make personalized notes
- Export articles with ease directly into WordPress or zipped up as RTF documents
- We pay writers for you, manage W-9’s and Copyscape check each article

*If you are a U.S. writer, you can sign up too! You can join the marketplace, accept articles to write and start making money! (We can't offer you a Free Credit though, as this only pertains to businesses/agencies posting a job)

I would like to offer you a FREE $30 credit (for those posting a job) on Content Runner to demonstrate our quality. If that is something you are interested in, please send me your Name, Business/Agency Name, Phone and Email address. I will then run you through our content management system!

Please email: Rich@contentrunner.com
Send me your Name, Business/Agency Name, Phone and Email address.

Author: Confidential
Category: Administration - Technical support

54847 $ closed


• Get rewarded up to $5,000 for the quality of your research. Earn compensation for finding key technical literature related to selected patents and technology areas.

• Work at your convenience. Choose your projects, and conduct your research at your own time.

• Use your expertise, and explore other technology areas. Join a global community of over a million members who enjoy the challenge and reward of using their investigatory and analytical skills to increase patent quality and resolve litigation activities.

What is Technical Literature Research?

Technical literature research involves searching for and analyzing documents that provide information related to a particular subject area, technology, product, etc. Technical literature includes everything from issued patents to white papers to product manuals and can come from all parts of the world. Your goal as a Technical Literature Researcher is to use industry / market knowledge, literature databases, web searching capabilities, and/or technical experience to help uncover literature that is related to a specific Study that is posted on the AOP community website.

Who Should Apply?

We encourage anyone who has an interest in technical literature research to join our community. This opportunity is a perfect fit for:

• Those looking to leverage their education and/or work experience to earn additional money;

• Those interested in putting their technical or research skills to use on their own schedule;

• Those with a high level of intellectual curiosity and a desire to solve technical challenges;Article One is a diverse community of students, professionals, stay-at-home parents, and other individuals who are generally interested in research and technology. Your unique background and experience will allow you to be a vital member of the Article One community.

Beneficial Skills:

• Strong attention to detail

• Analytical mindset with excellent problem-solving skills

• Ability to prioritize and follow a detailed list of search requirements

• High level of initiative

• Receptive to feedback and guidance from study organizers

• Tenacious and determined; you will be contributing alongside many talented researchers

Author: Confidential
Category: Administration - Technical support

- closed

We're looking for a writer that can produce helpful, actionable articles on SEO, Social Media, Productivity, or conversion rate optimization. Anything else related to online marketing is a plus. The types of posts we are looking for are how to's, lists, case studies to name a few.

Please e-mail info@evergreensearch.com with past works and any other relevant work experience. We're looking for someone that can produce truly remarkable content that can stand on its own.

Author: Confidential
Category: Administration - Technical support

- closed


Project: Write 3-5 blog posts of 500-700 words per month about interior design and promote them on your own social media profiles as well as our client social media profiles.

Ideal Candidate: The ideal candidate already has a blog about interior design that they actively publish to as well as an established social media presence with active, real fans and followers. We are looking to hire a Contributing Blogger to not only write and post blog posts on our client site, but to also promote the posts on social media and assist with growing the fans and follower base of our client. All content will be published in your own name and you must also link to the content from your Google+ profile as a contributor. Great opportunity to show your expertise not only in the interior decor space, but also as a blogger and social media expert.

To apply, please send email to jobs@startrankingnow.com with links to your blog and social media profiles. Please include your salary requirement on a project basis for each blog post of 500-700 words including promotion on your social media profiles.

Author: Confidential
Category: Administration - Technical support

- closed


Renodis is seeking one or more freelance blog writers to contribute to our corporate blog. We have a modern, tech focused vibe, and looking forward to working with upbeat, forward thinking blog writers.

We are seeking seasoned industry professionals with experience within the IT sector, mobility, communications, or telecom. Original content could be new insight or commentary on industry news, trends.

We require:

- Excellent written English skills
- Your posts need to be 100% original and must be provided exclusively for our use.

If you are interested, please email ckranz@renodis.com using subject line ‛Problogger“ with your background and examples of your work.

Author: Confidential
Category: Administration - Technical support

- closed


Brivin Corp is looking for a ghost blog writer who loves to write about subjects such as: web development, web design, User Interface Experience, mobile web development, HTML, CSS, word press, etc...

This blogger will write around 2 or 3 articles (depending on his/her availability) per week on our company\'s blog.

We are looking for informative articles, rich in content with illustrative images (appreciate your creativity in creating memes), videos or any other material available that can make these articles the richest possible for the reader.

We like to reward the quality and depth of research developed by the writer in order to make the content unique, and very interesting.

The ideal candidate is a web developer passionate about this subject, attuned to the most recent technologies, tools and methodologies of website development.

Compensation: 500 - 700 words = around $40,00 (depending on quality).

Interested candidates please send your most recent portfolio with a cover letter explaining why you should be considered to jsilva@brivincorp.com

Author: Confidential
Category: Administration - Technical support

- closed

Our client, a medical education company, is looking for a Presentation Specialist to work offsite with occasional in-house work as needed.

We need you to have: - 5+ years of graphic design experience - Creative Suite expertise - A highly conceptual attitude - Excellent communication skills - Your own work station - Strong attention to detail - Ability to hit the ground running on any project; a flexible schedule is required

A portfolio that consists of any or all of the following: scientific illustrations, PowerPoint slide reformatting (before and afters), pharma/medical logo and icon design, high concept pharmaceutical designs

Responsibilities include: - Working independently with direction from VP of Production - Designing slide sets, backgrounders, logos, meeting invites, evaluation forms, educational pieces and more - Possible concepting work for branding of current clients

If you feel you are qualified for this position please send your resume (and samples if applicable) to: philly70@jobalert.creativecircle.com

View additional job opportunities at «old link»

Author: Confidential
Category: Administration - Technical support

- closed


I run an American SEO firm that has orders for hundreds of guest posts a month. I am currently looking for folks who can perform both the content writing, as well as the posting to publisher sites.

The process is simple, we assign you keywords and URL's, you write or have the content written, submit it to us for editing, we return it to you for placement. We have enough work to keep you as busy as you would like, and we are looking for multiple folks who can do this type of work.

*Content must be written by a native English speaker
*Content must be somewhat relevant to the client and publisher
*Minimum of 1 link in the post, but prefer 2, links in the author bio are fine
*Content must be published on real sites that are PR2+, use of myblogguest and etc is fine, however the sites must have real traffic and rankings, and must not be link farms or Splogs

I am looking to pay in the range of $35 a post, if you can deliver higher quality, we can pay more, however this will be the initial rate, unless your samples are stunning. If you have a set rate, please include that in your email.

Please email 3 examples of Guest Posts that you have written and placed on publisher sites for yourself, or for clients. Without these 3 examples, I will not be able to reply to you

Author: Confidential
Category: Administration - Technical support

- closed
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