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We are looking for a skilled, clear-thinking freelancer to work on a project with Facebook and Web aspects. Proven experience of both environments is essential.
Taking concept through to implementation in a phased development process (exact content of phases and targets to be agreed with the developer).
Several weeks' work. Rate negotiable, but realistic. Must be able to travel to London/Birmingham for meetings but not necessarily based in either.
No agencies or overseas workers please

Author: Confidential
Category: Programming - Castom soft и Plagins

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We’re looking for a talented and dedicated developer to help us build out our application. The current version of 4Loot has been well received by our users and we have plans to really enhance our platform in the future. It’s a great opportunity to build an exciting consumer-facing application that includes some fun and interesting social features. We’d like to find someone who could commit to 15+ hours per week to start working on some projects.

We are looking for an exceptionally intelligent, talented and enthusiastic web engineer to drive development of 4Loot. The ideal candidate will have a fairly broad technical skill-set with an emphasis on back-end technology. Expertise with MySQL and Ruby on Rails is necessary as our app using these technologies. The candidate will also need strong front-end technical skills (particularly high degree of proficiency with Javascript and knowledge of JQuery). We use git for source code version control. We’re considering a move to EC2 or Heroku to help us scale. Experience in these environments would be a nice asset to bring to our team.

We work in a fast paced environment with two regularly scheduled releases per week and tend to break development projects into discrete pieces. We’re very metrics-driven in our approach to development. We test things quickly and either continue to build on them or throw them away. There are plenty of technical challenges that we encounter as well.

In general, 4Loot offers a great opportunity to join a small team and make a major impact on a popular and fun new web app.

Skills required:
Expertise with Ruby on Rails plus MySQL.
High level of proficiency with server management (apache, passenger, etc.)
Experience with front-end scripting including: HTML, JavaScript, CSS, AJAX, jQuery
Experience developing consumer web applications (Facebook application experience is ideal, but not a pre-requisite)
Great communicator - you\'ll be working in a team so we need proactive communication to make things flow

As part of the hiring process, we will need to check at least two references from different roles plus we’ll need some code samples from projects of at least moderate complexity.&#65279

Author: Confidential
Category: Programming - Castom soft и Plagins

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We're in need of a designer\developer who can work with Encaffeinated, Inc. on a specific client project. We have a long-term client who wants to turn their website into an iPad offline app. The client is beginning to distribute iPads to their sales folks as sales tools and entering into the world of apps-as-sales-tools. In this case, they often sell into environments with no network or wireless access (hospitals, for instance). Because of this, we need their website wrapped as an HTML5 offline app. Its a large site, so it can't be as simple as "add to home screen", this must be a bona fide offline app using HTML5.

We imagine this contract will likely entail:
Assessing the current site functionality and recommending optimizations to the site for this special version
Assessing UI to recommend optimizations for the touch interface and screen size
Updating site HTML templates/CSS files to prepare site for offline usage
Wrapping site in whichever framework/tools that will allow it to be packaged for private app store delivery
Setup of private app store

The person we'd like to have for this contract will:
Have done this sort of thing before, more than once
Consider themselves a pro at this type of work
Be concerned with web standards, good design and usability
Be located in the US (sorry, client requirement, not ours)
Be available to begin working in the next 30 days, and begin discussing the project immediately

About Encaffeinated, «old link»'re a small west coast design and development shop specializing in apps and sites built in ExpressionEngine. We're growing fast and have a solid client base. Find out more at «old link».

Author: Confidential
Category: Programming - Castom soft и Plagins

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ScenicFigure is a design/development studio that works primarily with entertainment clients to build beautiful, highly usable marketing websites and applications that help grow our clients' brands. We are looking for talented and dependable front and back end developers to involve in some fun upcoming projects. Long term goals are to involve talented individuals at a freelance level first and transition the best candidates into full time team members.

Current and past clients include:
Green Day
Warner Brothers Records
Widespread Panic
Michael Stipe
Paul Simon
Atlantic Records
Capitol Records
Avalon Management Group, UK
Delta Airlines

Skills you should possess:
Standards compliant and accessible development approach
Ability to listen and take direction
Strong communication
Team player
Self motivation
Problem solving

Preference will be given to candidates with a firm knowledge of the following platforms (in order of priority):

Author: Confidential
Category: Programming - Castom soft и Plagins

- closed

We're looking for someone with PHP / MySQL Development skills whose looking to join a fast growing start-up based in London bridge. Initial work will be completed on a freelance project basis but we are looking for permanent developers so if you 'fit' we'd love you to join the team.

PHP and MySQL development skills absolutely essential.
Nice to have: Javascript, jQuery, HTML5, IOS, Android - but these are not essential.

We have loads of projects going on so the work will be varied. We would want you to work from our office, but we are very flexible on times.

Want to hear more? Drop us an email containing your relevant experience, some example work, your current situation and freelance rates.

Due to time constraints agencies or overseas applicants will not receive a reply.

Author: Confidential
Category: Programming - Castom soft и Plagins

- closed

CSS / HTML Geek Skills (Specialization A)
Great CSS skills, including layout
A fascination with the up-and-coming CSS3, web standards, HTML 5 stuff coming out
Seasoned ability to slice Photoshop comps into HTML/CSS (preferably into WordPress themes directly)

WordPress Developer Skills (Specialization B)
Firm grounding in web development concepts and principles
Plenty of experience with MySQL
Good solid, experiential understanding of WordPress template hierarchy
Solid know-how around WordPress Loop
Build WordPress plugins
Commit code to open source

General Skills
Works well with others. You're at least somewhat gregarious, and like keeping in communication with others
You're responsible, and like to take on more responsibility (in return, we will treat you excellently, and try to help make your work easy and fun)
Mature, emotionally
Familiar with a solid, professional workflow process
Comfort and use of the Git source control system
Comfortability and familiarity with Unix / Linux

In your reply, please indicate the following:

1) Which of the (A) and (B) area skills you feel strong in, and indicate the strength, from 1 to 5 stars

2) Let us know which industry publications/blogs/or writers you follow, if any

3) Let us know your availability

4) Your location in the US or Canada.

Also please feel free to include any personal information that you think is pertinent. Oh of course, projects you've done, etc.

If you attach a resume, that will be nice.


Sincerely awaiting your reply,


The Up-and-Coming Team

Author: Confidential
Category: Programming - Other

- closed


We are:
An ambitious startup building an exciting web app. The product has been in development for 6 months with a team of 2 and we're looking to bring on a second CodeIgniter developer to ramp up development.

You are:
An experienced PHP developer with solid experience of CodeIgniter.

You'll have a few years' commercial experience under your belt and be very familiar with CI, and solid at HTML, CSS and jQuery.

Any previous experience working on a web app or scaling a PHP web app or CI system is a definite plus.

You will be UK based and will work full time from home, with monthly face-to face meetings.

3 month contract starting September to start, with a view to an extension / permanent role.

Please send your portfolio link / CV and details of previous CI projects.

Salary range: £22k - £26k

Author: Confidential
Category: Programming - Castom soft и Plagins

- closed

We have an exciting fantasy sports app in the works that needs to be developed ASAP.

This product will be featured on ESPN and elsewhere. Please send samples of your work, resume, and references for «old link»owledge, experience and a passion for fantasy games is a big plus.

The application has already been designed and initial html and javascript has begun for the front end.

Developer would need to work with the rest of the team, including designer, project manager and front-end coder to see the project through to completion.

If the working relationship is successful, there is a huge opportunity for new applications in the future, and improvements on the current app in question.

Author: Confidential
Category: Programming - Castom soft и Plagins

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Three Coasts is looking for a freelance web developer/designer:
with experience in developing website with Drupal
who has a very good aesthetic sense in terms of design
who is located in the United State

Technical skills required:
Drupal - not expert level but fairly decent knowledge about drupal's config, writing up a module, upgrade, maintenance, performance. Ability to get things done fast.
Design and photoshop skills.
Apache admin skills

A good sense of humour would be a plus.

Author: Confidential
Category: Programming - Castom soft и Plagins

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Draftfcb is an advertising agency based out San Francisco. We're looking for a freelance HTML front-end developer. Responsibilities include creation of custom HTML/CSS/JavaScript-based pages on a commercial Facebook page. We will not be using FBML.

Must be a registered Facebook app developer & have examples you can send for demonstration of your work.
Must code semantic HTML that validates using the W3C.
Hack-free CSS
Must be able to cross-browser test/QA, including IE 6-8. If you do not know how to optimize for Internet Explorer or do not have the tools required, please do not apply.
Must know JavaScript & jQuery

This is a freelance, part-time, off-site position. You could work in your pajamas at 4am for all we care.

To apply, visit «old link» in IE or Firefox. Please include links to your work or portfolio in your resume.

Draftfcb is committed to pursuing diversity inclusion and fairness at every level of our organization. We believe in valuing the differences of all our employees.

«old link»

Author: Confidential
Category: Programming - Castom soft и Plagins

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