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date Offers: Programming - Other budget

Rain is looking to fill a temporary (3-6 month) need with a talented Flex contractor. We're a hot digital agency taking on exciting new projects, and hope to find a senior-level Flex developer who can jump into a project and contribute immediately.
Our preference is that you work in our office in order to collaborate with the the team, but telecommuters will still be considered.

• Interact with clients, exploring and advising technological possibilities, discovering solutions that fit their goals

• Write clean, structured, object-oriented code with change and reuse in mind

• Lead and teach team members throughout a project's life cycle

• Writing clean, quality code on time and with little direction

• Plenty of experience programming in Actionscript 3.0 at a senior level

• Deep knowledge of Flex framework and the component lifecycle

• Must have experience working with Flash remoting

• Experience working on large Flex applications

• Comfortable with Robot Legs or PureMVC

• Flex 4 experience

• AIR experience

• Demonstrated experience in ObjC, or server-side programming (PHP, ASP.NET)

• Prestiged MW2 account, foosball and/or soccer player

Author: Confidential
Category: Programming - Other

- closed

Our client is an agency with an immediate need for expert level Ruby on Rails developers.
Our client is building an online application/social networking site that will required extensive RoR development. Candidates who have worked on similar projects or Ruby applications in the entertainment world (metromix, etc.) are preferred. Experience working with Orbitz APIs, Google APIs, etc. is required.

Ideal candidates will have a laptop they can bring on site. Candidates without laptops can work off-site but will need to come on-site for meetings 1-2 times per week.

Author: Confidential
Category: Programming - Other

- closed

We are currently creating simple websites for our customers at a rate of about 3 a week and due to the loss of a member of staff we now need someone to continue to do them. We will work from a set of templates, one of which our customers will pick (some html some css) and will give you all the text and graphics, we will register the domains and host the sites and give you an ftp site for them, Simple 3 page website (including contact page) we will pay £40 each, sometimes larger (worth more money). If you are interested please email.

Author: Confidential
Category: Programming - Other

- closed

Freelance London We are looking for an experienced PHP / Zend Framework / MySQL developer to take our ‘Beta’ website and turn it into a highly polished fully launched community website.

This is a freelance opportunity to get stuck in and have full control over your coding, we want you to be committed, creative and thorough. You’ll need to know the following:

•PHP 5
•ZEND framework
•Linux server administration experience
..and we need you to be:

•Able to meet deadlines
•Detail oriented
We would love you to be good at front end work too and to be comfortable with Photoshop, although it is not a ‘must have’. We’d also love you to believe in coding best practice and standards compliance.

This is a freelance opportunity with an immediate start working with 2 other people although you will be the only full time developer. We ideally need you to be based in the South of England as we would like to be able to meet once every 2 weeks during the project. We would estimate that we need you for 1 month but if you are committed there may be an ongoing opportunity.

We aim to offer market rates and will discuss the project in detail to any candidates who meet our requirements.

Author: Confidential
Category: Programming - Other

- closed

We are a company based near London providing mobile services.

We are URGENTLY looking for an iPhone application developer with experience.
This project needs to be developed in a short time (4/5 weeks). Therefore we are looking for a freelancer who knows how to build an iPhone app.

The project: A wedding planner application

Salary: negotiable with the freelancer depending on experience

The application will contain many screens with different features
(videos, image gallery, tutorials, share link, email option etc...).
All the visual elements will be provided to the developer.
A full job spec will be provided too explaining every page of the application.

We need a professional developer with experience so please don't contact us if you are a beginner in developing applications.

To apply: send us your CV by email.

Author: Confidential
Category: Programming - Other

- closed

Numiko are looking to build relationships with Drupal freelancers or contract Drupal developers able to work at our office in Leeds.

If you have high quality experience of developing in Drupal 5/6 and ideally upcoming 7, then please get in touch.

We will only be interested in Drupal developers who have top quality examples of their work. Please send your details to jobs@numiko.com

Author: Confidential
Category: Programming - Other

- closed

For more advanced webmasters visiting «old link» , I'd like to offer a free service they can login to similar in look and feel/simplicity to BaseCamp. I noticed it's a pain for me to keep track of my backlinks.

Let's create a tool that people can use to monitor their backlinks, sort by type, filter out certain kinds, set labels of their backlinks if they want, move them into folders/categorize, if they happen to be paid text advertisements, then they could enter the price they paid to keep track of spending and then run reports on their monthly spending... Also the service should alert them if any links are removed. I'm sure we'll come up with many more ideas.

Now, when i first imagined this tool i thought of paid links... but I want us to design this tool/service to somehow make it easier for/encourage people to get links naturally by creating linkworthy content. I'm not sure yet how to do it but we'll come up with something! :)

I want to help people see all their links have some kind of indication as to which are probably giving the most juice to their site. Maybe a juice meter? hehe

Aghh so many ideas, let's get goin!

Did i mention i freakin LOVE BaseCamp and 37Signals?

Talk soon mates!


ApplySend your plan of attack for this fun project - resume if you want but mainly I like to see previous work along with details showing me you understand my project and can bring it to life! :)

Author: Confidential
Category: Programming - Other

- closed

Object oriented programming is for you not just something that you use but it's a way to think. You are aware of its strength and limitations, you know the rules and you know how and when to go around them. Coding is as far as you are concerned the art of finding the most elegant solution to a problem.
• Work closely with Web Developers, Designers, Project Managers and other members of the team to develop clear project deliverables and timelines.
• Serve as technical liaison to clients when applicable
• Assist on time estimates during conceptualizing
• Implement robust applications in Flash using Action Script 2.0 and 3.0
• Acting as Senior Flash on projects, owning and overseeing technical development of chosen projects

• 4+ years experience developing web-based multimedia projects.
• Deep experience with Action Script 2.0 and 3.0
• Deep understanding of Object Oriented Programming and programming design patterns and their applications/limitations.
• Deep experience integrating Flash applications with server applications and databases
• Strong communication skills, being able to easily explain technical concepts orally and in writing

• Good knowledge of supporting programs for working with images (Photoshop, Illustrator), audio, and video

• Good eye for design and composition.

• Basic knowledge of other web development technologies (XHTML/CSS /JavaScript/PHP/mySQL/XML)

• Augmented Reality, papervision

Please submit resume with at least three links to relevant work samples, code development( a plus) and a brief description of the work performed on those sites.

Lamp Developer;

Type: Permanent/Continuing/ Freelance

Position: Stopp is looking for a Web developer that meets the following criteria:

• PHP5


• Javascript


• Ajax


• Linux shell

• Used to work with API's (Facebook, Flickr, etc.)

Advantageously skills:

• .Net

• iPhone development

• Facebook application


• Strong knowledge of object oriented programming theory

• Strong communication skills

• Ability to work independently and in a group environment

• Excellent testing and troubleshooting skills

• Ability to share ideas and interact with other developers

Location: Los Angeles

Author: Confidential
Category: Programming - Other

- closed

Freelance New York, NY We're looking for a ninja Drupal coder... senior level drupal/php developer to work with a team working to clean up and launch a project over the next week. It's a short term project that will last approximately 3 weeks and there is the possibility for a full-time hire later. We are ready to hire you tomorrow and get right to work.

Your ninja skills include...

- Mastery of Drupal (PHP), including custom module and theme development
- JavaScript and jQuery experience
- Knowledge of Python or interest in becoming fluent
- CSS and HTML Experience
- Experience integrating with third-party APIs and web services very helpful, but not required

You must be located in NYC and willing to work in our SoHo office.

If you think you've got what it takes, drop us a line and let's talk.

Author: Confidential
Category: Programming - Other

- closed

Freelance New York, NY We're looking for a ninja Drupal coder... a hardcore senior level drupal/php developer to work with a team of engineers to help us develop and wire a new product into Drupal. They are building the functionality... it's a game tracker product that will chart out real time stats of an event, and you will plug it in, add in pre and post game articles in the CMS and a few other modules that get plugged in to support it. You'll work with them hand and hand on wiring it into the CMS and building out this product.

You need to be available on Tuesday and work full-time for a sprint that lasts through the 25th. There is the opportunity for additional work after the initial launch.
If you think you've got what it takes, drop us a line and let's talk.

Author: Confidential
Category: Programming - Other

- closed