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date Offers: Programming - Other budget

Freelance Toronto, Ontario Canada Sonic Boom is a digital media agency that is a division of NATIONAL Public Relations, Canada’s largest communications consulting firm. Since 1998, Sonic Boom has partnered with leading brands including Timex, SIRIUS Satellite Radio, Honda, Jamieson Laboratories, Gildan and Kohler on a wide array of digital engagements.
We are currently seeking a Web Programmer to join our team for a three-month contract. This position is essential in defining the consumer’s online «old link»e chosen candidate is a logical, analytical problem solver who is a team player, highly skilled, creative and loves a challenge.
You are able to work on our own with limited instruction, perform well in a small team environment and are willing to take full ownership of your assigned tasks. You are fluent in English and have great communication skills as the position may require direct contact with clients.

The Web Programmer will report to the Lead Programmer and work closely with Sonic Boom’s extended team.

Required Skills

» At minimum 3 years industry experience in web programming working in the the interactive or advertising industry. Preference will be given to those who have worked at an interactive agency setting in a similar role.

» Effective interpersonal, client relation and communication skills, both orally and in a variety of written and diagrammatic forms

» Proven creative thinking and problem-solving skills, and can work in a team environment

» Proven understanding of and hands-on experience with: user-centric design, project processes for the development of large scale Web site projects, application of content management systems, personalization, targeting and searching systems, tracking & measurement applications

» Comprehensive approach, detail-oriented and highly organized, plus ability to multi-task and meet tight deadlines

» ASP.NET using Object Oriented VB.NET

» Visual Studio 2008

» SQL Server 2005, able to write complex stored procedure, including joins, derived tables, temp tables, correlated sub queries, data casts, create user defined functions, queries that return XML and Full text searches.

» HTML/JavaScript

Author: Confidential
Category: Programming - Other

- closed

* Strictly NO recruitment agencies - if you are a recruiter, do NOT contact us about this post. *

Office based contract position for PHP developer.

Contract is initially for a month but hopefully will lead on to several months work.

Required skills are PHP 5, HTML, CSS, MySQL and Javascript. I'm using OO techniques so also need to familiar with concepts such as encapsulation, factory methods, composition and inheritance. The sites communicates with other sites via ftp, xml and html posts - so experience of some inter-site communication is required.

You'll be sharing an office with me in Hammersmith, London. I'm looking for someone who is self-motivated and organised who can take control of their own work.

If you're interested, please contact me supplying an outline of your experience and an guide to your rates.

Author: Confidential
Category: Programming - Other

- closed

Freelance Anywhere We are a fast-moving startup that is attacking the social media analytics market.

We have a new product we are building and need a front end developer to assist our team. This is a well-paid, short-term project that will look good on your resume or in your portfolio.

You should:

•be an expert with HTML, CSS and Javascript
•know the ins and outs of JQuery
•know how to create advanced user interface elements (date range pickers, drag and drop lists, etc)
Knowledge of Flot or other graphing solutions is a plus. Please include your portfolio and a resume (or a brief overview of where you've worked).

Author: Confidential
Category: Programming - Other

- closed

Our northwestern suburban client is seeking a PHP Developer to join their team for about 2-3 weeks of work.

The ideal candidate will have HTML, JavaScript, CSS, PHP and MYSQL experience.

This project will be 50% back-end and 50% front-end.

Will be working on WordPress and Magento execution and must be able to work on an open source platform.

If you have the skill set listed above, this could be the perfect opportunity to get into a busy, growing agency.

Author: Confidential
Category: Programming - Other

- closed

Freelance United States We are looking for a PHP/MySQL developer who also has experience working with MS SQL Server.

The components of the web application operate on two servers, a LAMP server and a Windows 2003/SQL Server/ASP.NET server.

We are looking for a PHP/MySQL developer who has previous experience using PHP and odbc_connect on a Linux/UNIX server to query and update an MS SQL Server database on a Windows 2003 server. Please tell us about your previous work with odbc_connect. General LAMP systems administration experience is also desired.

Your location does not matter. We are located in the Eastern USA time zone. It is necessary that we be able to communicate, via phone or Skype, during our own business hours.

Author: Confidential
Category: Programming - Other

- closed

Freelance Toronto, Ontario, Canada We are in need of someone who understands the core concept and true power of using the combination of xHTML and CSS.
Strong organizational skills are a must, as well as an enthusiatic approach to new projects and fresh ideas. Most importantly, we are looking for a good natured personality ready to contribute and collaborate.

Design skills are not necessary but the ability to use Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator fluently is a must.

Your general tasks will consist of building rich applications using standards compliant markup and organised, practical CSS.

This is a freelance position for the term of three months with a committment of 30 to 40 hours a week. Pay range: $20 - $35 / hour.

This job requires that you be in house working with our team.

A full time position is a strong possibilty at the end of the term.

Author: Confidential
Category: Programming - Other

- closed

•Designs mockups are done.
•Drupal CMS is already functionally built out.
•Example site is themed.
What we need is a team to help us apply several different themes to different installs. All the design work is done, but we're looking for a pixel-perfect slicer and dicer to come in and make it happen. CSS/HTML execution of the PSDs; you know the drill. But it's not just applying the comps—there will be some node building, tweaking, and other Drupal goodness. So Drupal-specific theming experience is a must.
This is a short-term, last minute gig. Project would start on Tuesday, March 2. If you think you've got what it takes, drop us a line and let's talk.

Author: Confidential
Category: Programming - Other

- closed

We have five brands/sites, two of which we are focusing on:

«old link» - this is our largest site. You might notice some sloppy markup if you view source; it will be fixed.
«old link» - this is another Supercharger brand, very similar to Vortech.
I am in the process of developing a shared framework to support both sites and need some help. I want to clean up some of the existing code and db structure from both sites to use in the framework and also add some new features, mostly having to do with user editing.

I am mainly a front end developer (HTML/CSS/Javascript) but I have been doing a lot of back end work on these sites. I would like to get some help from someone who has better back end skills than I do. If you also have front end skills then that would be great, too.

We run a dedicated LAMP server and the sites are written in PHP/MySQL, mostly custom written. I would be open to frameworks...

About You:

We need someone with the following skills:

•Application Design and Development (PHP/MySQL) - Please be able to help design an application based on a list of required features (as opposed to simply code-monkeying to a hard spec). In general, I am interested in code that is secure, runs fast and can be modified easily. Whatever methods you use are okay as long as the application works and it meets these requirements.
•Database Design (hopefully this was implied in the above item.
•Server Administration - It would be nice to have somebody who knows how to configure/install/upgrade LAMP software.
•Front end - You will probably be doing at least a little bit of front end work for us so please be able to write clean HTML and some Javascript. CSS/visual design skills are not necessary but let me know if you have them.
Our preference would be to find somebody who is able to meet in person at our office in Oxnard, CA at least once, but we are open to anybody.


I will need your input to come up with a budget. First, I would like to send you the source code that I\\\'m working on so you can look through it and tell me what you think (good, bad, ugly), then we can talk more about what needs to be done with it and what features we are going to be adding. Once you have a better idea of what we need then you can give me a cost estimate.

Author: Confidential
Category: Programming - Other

- closed


Our client is a World-Class Creative Company in SOHO. They are seeking a superior communicator with expert PHP/MySQL skills to work CMS magic with their excellent creative team.

If you're thinking: "Which CMS?" That's a great question. The client is discussing the pros/cons of three out-of-the-box options vs. custom built.

This is a potentially long-term project with perm possibilities.

Contact us now. We meet every person we introduce to our clients, so let's get this ball rolling.

Author: Confidential
Category: Programming - Other

- closed

HOT socially relevant studio needs a Coder to work on ongoing updates and adjustments to multiple Web 2.0/social media platforms. Ideal candidate has 3-5 years of experience with proficiency in HTML, CSS, Flash (scripting and animation). PHP, MySQL and Drupal knowledge are not mandatory but preferable.

Author: Confidential
Category: Programming - Other

- closed