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date Offers: Design - Illustration budget

I am looking to commission an artist. The idea is to create a comic strip which will also be animated in to a 10 second video clip.

The plot of the comic strip briefly is to have the hero of the comic, a Cola can, 'fight' and defeat two evil cola cans who are intent on harming good children, pollute the environment by turning all sources of clean water in to their brand of cola and make the children drink their foul tasting beverage. Our hero defeats these two by spraying them with two of its special ingredients.

The target audience consists of both children and adults, all material is required in full colour.

With this information, please provide an initial concept drawing of how you would go about bringing this story to life, in addition with the fee you would expect to charge as well as the time you will require to do the work

Author: Confidential
Category: Design - Illustration

- closed

I am about to finish up my first real album and am looking for someone to do the cover artwork (as well as the inside page, traycard and the CD itself). The music is instrumental guitar rock in the likes of Steve Vai, Yngwie Malmsteen, and Joe Satriani. I have two very different ideas I was considering for this project.

My first idea is to have a drawn/painted picture of myself with my guitar for the front (background can be anything). This must look nearly like a digital picture.

My second idea is to have a skeletal figure like the one on my website (the artist gave me rights to the skeleton guy) www. ryanformato. com. I would like to have him in some kind of neat background. This one would obviously be more cartoonish (but can be more realistic if that is your thing).

Please contact me at my email (ryan@ryanformato.com) with your portfolio. Please take into consideration that I am not a major label/indie label artist.

Ryan Formato

Author: Confidential
Category: Design - Illustration

- closed

I need a drawing of a dragon :)
Let me know how much it would cost. and related samples. i need it asap ^_^

Author: Confidential
Category: Design - Illustration

- closed

At the moment, I'm trying to get into the pencilling comics business and a fantastic opportunity has been announced that I'm trying to get in on. Mark Millar (writer of Kick-Ass, Nemesis, Wolverine, Old Man Logan, The Ultimates, etc) has joined forces with Jonathan Ross and have co-founded a magazine called CLiNT. Millar is looking for never-been-published artists to apply and send in finished 3-6page stories.
I have two scripts from some writer buddies of mine, both solid. One is a 3page story called The Wake and the other a 5page story called Worst Enemy. I have finished pencilling The Wake and ordinarily I would ink it myself but I've got to start on Worst Enemy soon so this is where you guys come in hopefully.

If anybodies interested email me with a link to a sample of your work and if you're the best I'll be sure to get back in touch.

Author: Confidential
Category: Design - Illustration

- closed

Need a 20"x30" grunge background for commercial/resale use ASAP

I will not be able to pay you until I have completed my project and gotten paid (I'm just slightly broke), but I have worked with this customer before and have never had a bad experience.

I need to see examples of your work. Affordable prices and quality work might get you more work from me in the future - I'm planning a whole line of typography prints and each saying will be available in grunge and retro/colourful styles hopefully.

Author: Confidential
Category: Design - Illustration

- closed

I'm looking for a good character artist to draw and color the background and two characters for a flash game character selection screen. You will draw static images, not animated. Pay is $200 USD and needs to be done within a week.

You'll need to draw & color both the background and the characters. The style is similar to Justice League/Superman/Batman tv shows. Concept art for both characters is already finished.

Author: Confidential
Category: Design - Illustration

200 $ closed

I am looking for an artist that can create an anime/manga scene with a lot of detail. I want to be able to look at the image and my eyes get drawn from one side to the other, with interesting little pieces in the scene to look at. Hopefully something I can stair at for a long time.

The scene would have 2 complete characters (you would only see their backs) walking away from a house which is on fire. The perspective would be shot from inside of the house, amongst the flames and you would see them walking away through an open window. It would not be to depict a person watching them but instead the audience watching them through the flames of the house. You would have a lot of freedom of what the house contained but it would be a sort of medieval feel, with books and scrolls in the house, flammable things at least. I want to give the strong impression there were a lot of valuable books, scrolls, and acquired items rather than jewels and the sort.

The characters would be 1 adult male and 1 young male child.

You would have a lot of freedom with regards to colour, excluding some on the characters.

However, if you require specifics on everything, I can conjure this up too.

I also enjoy tinted colour transparency. For instance, a crystal ball or pyramid in the room somewhere, where you can see other items in the house through it (as a small feature somewhere).

I can provide basic sketches and more details.

Cost is something we can discuss, obviously the cheaper you can do it the better but I am more concerned with updates and time frames. I do not mind waiting, I just find it difficult if a deadline is constantly pushed back. I am understanding when it comes to time and money but please let me know the absolute maximum cost for both before you start.

The scene would be a little smaller than A4 and be very high resolution (I plan to have it printed).

Author: Confidential
Category: Design - Illustration

- closed

Daily Adventures is starting a second series on newgrounds: Alexander Wallace: Private eye - A noir series that tells the tale of a Private Eye who's newest case sends him on a quest of danger and intrigue. Although I'm an amazingly gifted illustrator (jk) I've decided to focus on knocking out the writing on my own and share the wealth with others.

This project is expected to gather a decent sized following and produce a small bit of income.

WHAT I'M LOOKING FOR: I'm looking for someone who can produce fast illustrations that don't necessarily have to be detailed, but are consistent and charming.

If you can produce something like this: [link] consistently and some background elements then you qualify.

PAY: %25 of all ad revenue from the entire series forever. The cash is directly divided up between collaborators by «old link» so you will be recieving income from them NOT me.

1. You will be directed to quickly do 5-7 illustrations for each chapter, as well as a few title and credit scene illustrations (slightly more detailed).
2. You need to have or make a newgrounds account and have it set up for profit sharing.
3. Have a good attitude :)


CONTRACT. Upon agreeing to collaborate on AW a simple contract will be required spelling out the legal details of the «old link»e contract will be drawn up and signed by both the client (me) and the artist (you?) and a witness.

WHAT THE JOB ENTAILS- (or basically what we'll accually be doing)
1. I write the plot and send it to the narrorator for recording the voice acting and the illustrator (you?) for illustrating. Each chapter will have 5-7 short pages. (For an example of what a chapter looks like click on the link to Daily Adventures)
2. Every day the Illustrator and Narrorator send their works. The animation is finished and ready to submit! :D

PRODUCTION DEADLINE/TIMELINE- (when you need to finish your stuff)
Having a daily deadline would be rediculous for anyone. You will recieve 7 chapters to illustrate on Sunday and they will be due that Saturday. You will be expected to meet all of your deadlines.

LISCENCING- The artwork produced by the artist is to be used ONLY for the series itself. If we decide to use your illustrations for t-shirts, fan stuff, or whatever else then other arrangements for compensation for the artist will be made.

Author: Confidential
Category: Design - Illustration

- closed

Hi, my one script that I am doing is nearly done and i'm going to send it for a submission. I however do not draw. If you're interested I can send you a sample of the script. I'm looking for a serious comic book style.

Author: Confidential
Category: Design - Illustration

- closed

•You will usually provide 4 PSD’s to us each week (Home Page, Blog Page, Portfolio Page and a Logo).
•Your work will be due each Wednesday. Missing the deadline will absolutely not be tolerated.
Ideal Candidate

•Will have an amazing portfolio to show us.
•At least 2+ years of experience designing websites, specifically wordpress themes.
•Have experience creating illustration and icons to give our sites that handmade feel.

•Your work is of excellent quality, organized and well labeled.
•You meet the deadline each week. This point is very important.
•Your work is unique and not modeled after another site.
•You do most of your work in Photoshop.
Quality of Work Expected
Your designs should be on par with sites like these.

•London Creative
About Us
We are a really nice, laid back company and we’re easy to get along with. Our focus is all about producing results and getting work done. If you like this philosophy and meet the requirements above we will be happy to hear from you.

Author: Confidential
Category: Design - Illustration

- closed