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date Offers: Design - Illustration budget

Climax is one of the leading creative lights of independent games development with an outstanding line of top published titles. It truly is an exciting and inspiring place to work in the heart of Gunwharf Quays, Portsmouth Harbour.

We are currently looking for an experienced GUI Artist to join our award winning team.
Our ideal candidate will have:

Our ideal candidate will require:
• Graphic design with Games User Interface creation experience to work on a brand new console project.
• The successful candidate will ideally have two years experience within the games industry. You will be able to seek out creative and design / functionality related solutions on their own initiative.
• You should have a strong background from a Graphic Design related area, will strong Flash skills and be able to show examples of beautiful, clean and easily navigable interfaces.
• The candidate will ideally have extensive knowledge of game front-end systems design and functionality.
• The successful candidate will also be asked to produce in game graphic design related assets, such as advertising and fonts so as to tie the in-game environments to the Front-end and HUD.
• Any 3D art experience will be a bonus.

Author: Confidential
Category: Design - Illustration

- closed

Hello, and thank you for taking the time to read this.

I currently need a simple image to be crafted, preferably hand drawn with little or no photoshop, and black and white image. Whether you desire pay or not makes no matter to me, I will be at your whim. Though, I am not asking for much.

Please feel free to email me at, virulentcontusions@gmail.com

I really appreciate any and all inquiries, as I will explain in further detail as to what I desire.
Again, thanks for your time

Author: ~Jeremy
Category: Design - Illustration

- closed

Oslo-based Hyper Interaktiv seeks an experienced illustrator, designer, or small agency to design and art direct a new flash-based online social game. We hope to develop characters and environments with a distinctive style, but broad appeal.

Based on a portfolio review, we are interested in inviting a few candidates to a paid pitch review.

Hyper Interaktiv is in the process of making a social massively multi-player online game and we are looking for an illustrator/designer or agency to design and art direct (experience with design for animation is a plus).

We haven't decided on a style, we want to see what's out there, that's why we want those interested to send us their portfolios/relevant work. The only reference I can give is that we don't want our game to look like a Zynga copy. We want something that will have a broad appeal, but still have it's own distinct style.

The goal is to engage as many people as possible, targeting ages 20-45, firstly in Norway, secondly through an international version.

The game needs characters and environments that are customizable, and experience with designing for animation is a plus. The game will be flash based, and most probably NOT in 3D. But we're not ruling anything out at this point.

What we want to do is to check out a lot of different work from people who are interested, pick out a few with different styles and hire them to suggest a look and feel for the game, with e.g a couple of characters and environments.

We're aiming to make a game that will last at least a couple of years, and we want to find the best people to work with, regardless of where they are located.

Author: Confidential
Category: Design - Illustration

- closed

Hi! I'm gonna need some kind of album artwork soon for my second album - you can check out the music here «old link» - I want the artwork to be kind of psychedelic like the Tool artwork but much more light. I want a female figure portrayed as a goddess like figure - illustrated outline but it will only halfway be there, the shape will be much more defined by light and "pixie-dust" kind of thing. Think a goddess in space kinda thing. Think you would like to do that and how much would it cost? If interested please email me at ckragh@gmail.com !

Author: Confidential
Category: Design - Illustration

- closed

Just like it says. I need a chibi artist who can deliver completed chibi work. Must be anime style, must be "super deformed". The pictures will involve 2 small "scenes", and about 4-7 facial expression headshots.

I do need the work quickly.

You must be able to draw both people and animals, as well as very, very simplistic backgrounds (or hinting that a background exists). The color style I am looking for is a airbrush type look.

Please email me at kinougames@gmail.com with links to relevant samples if you are interested!

KinouGames, an up-and-coming art circle, is producing its first professional interactive media game, Mitsumata! Check us out!

Author: Confidential
Category: Design - Illustration

- closed

I wrote an add some days ago asking for colorists to color small illustrations in simple style. I got some colorists but most of them are out of reach all of a sudden, or just too tired to send me the stuff they complete, or whatever personal life they have going on, the thing is that the work isn't getting done.

I need to find colorists who can really handle the workload today and who can really handle the workload they say they an handle in the timeframe they say they can. So please, serious people. I will pay the work done after reeiving watermarked low resolution jpg's and then will expect you to send me the hiRES files immediately after. I can pay $5 per each picture. I need between 10 and 15 pictures done.

If you are interested get back to me with examples of your work and I will send you examples of style so you can tell me how many of these you can complete today.
Email me at vrm1979@gmail.com

Thanks everybody!
Please, only apply if you are willing to complete the work you say you will handle today, no delays, I don't have room for delays at this time.

I'm sorry if I sound like I'm asking for too much, it isn't my intention, previous colorists are just falling behind unexpectedly and now I need new help to complete this. Sorry for the short notice

Author: Confidential
Category: Design - Illustration

- closed

Just like the title says. I need a sketch artist who can do top notch anatomy sketches, that are clean enough to be quickly lined, rather fast. They must be in an anime style, and you should have numerous samples of various sketches.

The sketches do NOT have to be shaded, but if that assists you in drawing, you can absolutely do some basic shading.

I will accept cleaned pencil work or clean digital sketches, but I heavily prefer scanned pencil. You can draw fairly small as long as you scan it in large (and in fact, I would prefer pencil sketches for that reason).

Payment may be hourly or per piece. There are approximately 100 pieces.

Please EMAIL kinougames@gmail.com with a link/links to pieces that are similar to the requested, how many pictures you can complete in an hour and your desired price hourly/per piece/for the whole project. There is a short time limit, so you must be free to work liberally.

KinouGames, an up-and-coming art circle, is producing its first professional interactive media game, Mitsumata! Check us out!

Author: Confidential
Category: Design - Illustration

- closed

1. Shoujo style preferred
2. Crisp lining abilities
3. Cel-shading (Or REALLY crisp soft cel-shading)
4. Continuity with character faces and proportions
5. Experience with drawing manga styled characters

Scenery Artist Requirements:

1. Experience with painting digital high fantasy and surrealistic environments
2. Background scenery must have a rustic RPG feel
3. Ability to paint interiors and exteriors of buildings
4. Crisp detailing

Any work completed for us must be held in highest secrecy until we publish it on our site.
We will have full ownership of the art upon payment.
Anything created for us must not be replicated elsewhere.

Pay and details about our characters or scenery will be discussed in private but we are willing to offer flat rate amounts or hourly amounts (within reason) that are competitive. We are willing to pay for full copyright and ownership rights. If interested, please leave your email in the comments below or email us at admin[@]«old link».

Thank you!

Author: Confidential
Category: Design - Illustration

- closed

I am looking for a colorist to work with a teaser image/poster that our artist put together for a graphic novel project that we are currently working on.

Doing well on this could lead to a gig doing the coloring on the graphic novel pages. Please send an email to eric@elementalfources.com with links to samples of your previous work and your remuneration requirements

Author: Confidential
Category: Design - Illustration

- closed

In need of muted colors for my noir comic. Think Pulp Fiction or Goodfellas, but with super powers.

Need something in the vein of colorists like Gregory Wright (Batman: The Long Halloween), Tony Avina/Randy Mayor (Sleeper) or Matt Hollingsworth (Brubaker/Lark's Daredevil).

Would love to see samples if available. Trying to get 22 page 1st issue of comic ready for convention in Texas.

If want to discuss further, e-mail me for pay rates.

Author: Confidential
Category: Design - Illustration

- closed

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