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date Offers: Freelance budget


We are:

ArtBinder, a New York based art-tech startup. We are the leading mobile application for galleries
that allows users to present artworks remotely with simple, intuitive tools to streamline the sales and presentation experience. The application was conceived of and developed by a former gallerist with a team of technical experts who understand the gallery system. After over a year in development, ArtBinder 2.0 launched during Art Basel on June 14, 2012.

You are:

An organized methodical information architect and user experence guru. Interested in creating the user experience for a new piece of content management software. Enjoy startup culture and love prototyping and making userflow documents.

developing intuitive, simple user experiences for new CMS tool
produce prototypes, mockups, visual assets as needed to deliver new features
create the design principles ArtBinder will use for designing and implementing the user experience
Initiate and manage research and testing to validate designs
collaborate with senior leadership to ensure new UX designs are implemented correctly and on schedule

5+ years professional experience as an interactive designer / user experience designer; expertise in both information architecture and visual design
Demonstrated experience with designing B2B and B2C web-based products or web sites
Experience with web and mobile content publishing is a must
Must have an online or digital portfolio that demonstrates relevant projects
Solid experience guiding or managing user research and usability testing
Proven ability to work cross-team and synthesize feedback and input from all team members and areas.
Ability to prototype in HTML/CSS, JavaScript or similar preferred
Experience with agile/scrum frequent release cycles preferred

compensation to be negotiated commensurate with experiencew

Author: Confidential
Category: Freelance - Other

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We are looking for a freelance editor/proofreader to edit web, email & marketing content.
We will pay a per job fee, that is based on experience and speed. the hourly rate will be based on $20.00
We will supply first round seed copy that is written overseas, your job will be to clean up language and sentence structure.
We will negotiate a per piece price: so much per page, or per item like PR release, white paper, email, etc.
We will send requests and expect a 24 hour turnaround. the volume of work (hours) will grow over time as our service grows.
This is a start up business offering social media and web content services. You will be a subcontractor of this entity

Author: Confidential
Category: Freelance - Consultation

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We are a distributed design/build agency with broad and deep experience: frog design, innovative iPad apps pre-loaded in the Apple retail store, numerous scaled web applications, and so on. We recently closed an exciting contract with an innovative startup backed by high profile ex-Disney employees and Ivy League CS professors among others and are looking for a really really really really good front end designer (really.) We are aware that these people tend to be going door-to-door for jobs these days and will be appreciative of all applicants. We promise to be supportive when you run into annoying cross browser compatibility issues that cause massive hair and weight loss and will reimburse for the food of your choice during these episodes.

You will have some wicked awesome CSS3, Javascript and HTML5 chops. You eat Chrome for breakfast, go on Safari at lunch and go dancing with Firefox at night. You broke up with IE but still correspond every once in a while. You know Webkit better than your best friend. You are not put off by totally ridiculous job descriptions.

The job promises to be challenging and fun, with a crack job of designers, back end developers and operations masters. We’re committed to doing the job right, which means providing great tools and development infrastructure and giving developers all the rope they need to do their job without checking in every ten minutes. We\'re building a really slick experience that you will be bringing to life. The target platform is the iPad (!) but this is an HTML5/CSS/JS application.

This is what we would like to see: show us something amazing. We are not building a normal web experience so bring something interesting to the table we can talk to you about. Mobile experience would be great, but not required.

The obligatory bulleted list:
Ability to make pixels whizz around the screen at high frame-rates.
Ability to make an iPad melt from the amount of pixels you push through it.
Knowledge of iPad voodoo for accelerating HTML/CSS3.
Demonstrated experiences in making people go \'wow\'.
Daily stand-ups, possible travel to San Francisco area on our dime.

Author: Confidential
Category: Freelance - Other

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For a neat, playful and creative project, we're looking for a developer with an eye for a minimal design, and the following skills (both front and back-end):

- Solid working knowledge of HTML, CSS, JavaScript, including common JavaScript frameworks such as jQuery.

- Confident in at least one backend language such as Python, Ruby or «old link» to speed with the latest browser technology and mobile «old link»preciation for design and for working in a creative environment.

- Experience with HTML5, .cool javascript libraries («old link», «old link», «old link»), Git, AWS.

- Extra: Avid reader of Hacker News, up to date with the latest web technologies, creative, willing to expeirment, reliable, maintains fun side projects

Author: Confidential
Category: Freelance - Other

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Request For Proposal for Branding and Web Development Services

For The Akal Group of Companies

Company Background

The Akal Group of Companies (Akal Group) employs over 10,000 security professionals worldwide – currently operating in 140 countries. We are a prime provider of physical security, security consulting and training services to a broad base of US Federal customers. The Akal Group consists of Akal Security, Coastal International Security, Saber and the Protective Services Training Academy (PSTA). We are seeking a New Mexico based company or individual to bid and execute the following work.

Project Description

The Akal Group is seeking an independent marketing professional and/or marketing team to develop a comprehensive marketing platform for the Akal Group brand, which incorporates a unified, group approach to facilitate growth.

Desired materials include: a concise branding strategy to include logo and print materials (letterhead and business cards) for the Akal Group and Saber, and the creation of new as well as redesign and development of current websites.

Various print marketing materials may be required as well. For the purpose of this request for proposal, please provide a thorough print materials pricing schedule.

Project Requirements

The Akal Group websites should incorporate a content management system for which the contractor should provide thorough training upon completion of the project for internal maintenance and updates. Websites should comply with W3C web standards and should be optimized for both web and mobile users. All designs should be original. Web templates will not be considered for this project.

Branding materials should include a thorough style guide for internal distribution.

Functional Requirements

Please see the following websites as reference for desired website «old link»
«old link»
«old link»

Submission Information

All RFP questions should be directed to ravik@akalsecurity.com.

Please submit all proposals to:

The Akal Groupc/o Sean Williams, VPBD1125 Kent Ave NEAlbuquerque, NM 87102

Assumptions and Agreements

Proposals will not be returned and The Akal Group reserves the right to dismiss any proposal for any reason. Selections will be made at the sole discretion of The Akal Group and the selected parties will be notified.

Author: Confidential
Category: Freelance - Other

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We are a distributed design/build agency with broad and deep experience: frog design, innovative iPad apps pre-loaded in the Apple retail store, numerous scaled web applications, and so on. We recently closed an exciting contract with an innovative startup backed by high profile ex-Disney employees and Yale CS professors among others and are looking for an articulate, US-based creative director to take the lead on the design vision to bring this application to life.

You will be client facing during the both the design and construction phases of the contract, with some travel involved (not a ton, most likely NYC, possibly Seattle/SF Bay area) and drive the design of the application (see below.) We do have existing design resources but really need someone US-based for the client interactions as well as leading in a visionary role (doesn't it seem like every design job really needs someone like that?)

Here's our "job description":

Looking for a cutting edge designer well versed in app centric design as relates to both mobile and web. We are not building a website but an immersive web experience that needs to fluidly represent large amounts of data in a dynamic and beautiful way. This requires a modern and minimal design aesthetic combined with modern UX skills well suited to a tablet environment.

This is what we would like to see:

Show us something amazing (i.e. something a little more cutting edge than a Wordpress or Joomla site.) Have you done something amazing on mobile? How about a desktop app that’s incredible? We are not building a normal web experience so bring something interesting to the table we can talk to you «old link»oking forward to seeing amazing things from you. Call us!


Remember Chuck Norris in ‛The Octagon“ (are we dating ourselves)? Chuck was so bad-ass, he actually killed the ninjas. That’s the level of designer we want. Not that we want you to kill other designers. At least, not literally.

Author: Confidential
Category: Freelance - Other

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Central Jersey company looking for AMA Writer to assist in the development of scientific content including slide decks and other written pieces.

Responsible for the development of scientific content including slide decks and manuscripts. Development includes:
Necessary background research
Working with clients and other team members to determine outline for project
Writing of slides or enduring material
Providing full reference set
Preparing materials for legal and regulatory review with clients
Incorporating all stakeholder feedback
Assists senior team members in client-facing meetings
Travels to advisory boards and assists in:
Preparing slides for meeting
Providing summary of meeting
Travels to scientific meetings to gather data for planned or potential publications
Focused on learning and fully understanding assigned disease state and treatment options

Required Skills Include:
- 1-2 years medical writing experience, or some level of communication experience as a post-doctoral fellow or graduate student (developed slide presentations, wrote manuscripts, etc.)
- Excellent interpersonal skills with the ability to interact with account teams, other writers, editors, physicians and clients
- Ability to communicate medical/technical information to a wide variety of audiences
- Ability to work in a fast-paced, deadline-driven, team-oriented environment
- Ability to efficiently prioritize multiple tasks and provide effective direction to others; can quickly evaluate the resources necessary to accomplish a goal and put those into action.

*Must be local as this is an on-site position in Princeton, NJ.

Author: Confidential
Category: Freelance - Other

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For almost three years, A Book Apart has been publishing brief books for people who make websites. We cover the emerging and essential topics in web design and development with style, clarity, and, above all, brevity—because working designer-developers can’t afford to waste time. And in these three years, the global community of designer-developers have found and supported us.

We know, however, that many of our books would be highly beneficial tools to a wider audience. Print designers, start-up employees, university students, we want to reach out to these communities (and others) and help them find our current and future titles. We are looking for an evangelist who will help us develop and execute a strategy to expand the current A Book Apart community.

We are not looking for a traditional marketer or publicist. We want you to understand and appreciate the books we publish and be creative in your proposals of how to share them with more people. We want you to think less about selling books and more about finding audiences who would appreciate our books, if they only knew about them.

We are looking for someone with strong research and communication skills. Experience in book publicity is swell, but so is applicable experience from another field. Knowledge of our current book offerings is beneficial.

This role is paid by stipend, and will consume in the neighborhood of 10-15 hours a month. You can work remotely, and at any time, provided you are available for regular Skype calls with our core team in New York.

Author: Confidential
Category: Freelance - Other

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This tech savvy candidate must be a proactive, passionate product-owner, willing to take initiative and work independently. The candidate must be comfortable acting as technical lead in a larger team of developers. This role reports directly to the Senior Director of Technology.

Essential Responsibilities:* Maintain, update, architect, create, and modify Drupal CMS modules.* Maintain, create, and modify Drupal themes and sub-themes.* Maintain, create, and modify Drupal content types, and taxonomies.

Qualifications/Requirements:* Bachelors in Computer Science or Engineering / Comparable experience* Three or more years’ experience with PHP and developing in a LAMP environment.* Two or more years’ experience with Drupal, including a proven record of Drupal 6 achievements.* Previous experience with memcache, Hibernate, Varnish, AICache and/or similar caching and web acceleration mechanisms.* Experience developing and scaling large / enterprise web sites.* Ability to manage and prioritize multiple task and projects at once.

* Strong interpersonal, communication, and management skills to complement technical expertise.* Ability to work within Agile development methodology and manage rapid changes, particularly SCRUM.* Strong knowledge of web standard code.

Desired Characteristics:* Passion for technology and innovation* Ability to effectively problem solve, analyze, and think clearly in a multitude of situations.* Excellent oral and written communication skills* Ability to work on multiple projects in a dynamic, high stakes environment* Willingness to not only execute but proactively recommends* Quality oriented individual with a focus on execution* Excited about the future of television, media, and culture

* Experience with entertainment & media websites a plus* Experience with SVN, GitHub and other version control a plus.* Experience with internet APIs , mashups, and aggregators a plus* Knowledge of object oriented design including MVC, a plus.* Experience with unix / linux system admin, application servers, or content management systems a plus.* Experience with front end development a plus* Experience with developing with Facebook applications or other viral/social platforms a plus.* Experience with Omniture or similar metrics and reporting tools a plus* Experience with DART or similar ad serving engines, a plus* Loving to learn, share, and have fun ,a plus

Author: Confidential
Category: Freelance - Other

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I am looking to hire a blogger/community/marketing manager for «old link» and «old link». You must have a cooking background,with samples, be familiar with internet marketing, and be interested in the topic.

I will require at least 3-6 posts weekly, possibly more.
I am looking for long term commitments.

Author: Confidential
Category: Freelance - Other

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