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date Offers: Mobile platform - iPhone OS budget


«old link» is geared towards helping people get in shape and stay that way despite a busy life. We are looking for writers who are interested in sharing their unique approach to fitness.

We publish articles in the following content areas:

Bodyweight Training
Kettlebell Training
Advanced Fat Loss Techniques
Simple Nutrition Tips
Unique Exercise Ideas

You must meet ONE of the following criterias to write for us:
Certified Personal Trainer
Content-Rich Personal or Fitness Blog
Fitness Freelance Writer

About this Position:
- We look for between 2-6 articles per month, at least 400 articles in length.
- Posts can include one dofollow link to a personal or business website.

How to apply
In your application please include:
- Examples of previous writing and publications
- Your CV
- A link to your most active public social profile

Author: Confidential
Category: Mobile platform - iPhone OS

- closed


The LifeStyle Press («old link») is looking for regular contributors for two of our fastest growing websites - «old link» and «old link».

The Finer List («old link») serves up a daily definitive perspective on the finer things in life to a world immersed in fads and time wasters. We encourage an intelligent and informed discussion across Entertainment, Fashion, Travel and the Arts. We also love poking fun at the fads we see passing through and like to use our column "the AntiList" to identify the one's we love yet will pass once we wake up and smell the coffee.

The Slow Way («old link») is born out of the belief that we're reaching a breaking point, a point in time where we've become so busy - we have little or no time to sit back, think, relax, appreciate or enjoy. It aims to remind us how to slow down and appreciate the simple things in life. The focus areas are travel, cooking, culture, fashion and lifestyle

The ideal blogger will:
- Have a strong twitter following to help distribute the posts
- Be passionate about their writing e.g. for the slow way - they should be passionate about the concept of the slow revolution
- Write succinctly in a well structured fashion using references and links as needed to support arguments
- Be a native english speaker

Scope of work and payment details:
- 2 - 4 Posts Per Week
- Posts of 300 - 500 words
- Payment of 20 - 50 USD per Post Depending on Quality and Social Media Following
- Invoices paid monthly by Paypal

Please email jobs@thelifestylepress.com and:
- State in the subject line which blog you would like to contribute to - e.g.: "Blogger Application for The Slow Way" feel free to apply for both
- Include 2-3 suggested post titles and a few bullet points to convey the idea of the article
- Include links to 2 published articles
- Include a link to your twitter account and state # of followers or provide detail of other distribution platforms for posts
- State your location & time zone

Author: Confidential
Category: Mobile platform - iPhone OS

- closed


An ideal candidate would have past experience writing in the poker industry. Our current team at «old link» strives to break legal online poker news stories but also report on major stories that have been previously reported but we try to add to the story with additional information and proper link attribution. I want a writer that can do both along with the occasional op/ed.

If you are interested in the writing, please let me know your past experience and a couple sentences on why you would be a good fit.

Author: Confidential
Category: Mobile platform - iPhone OS

- closed


FanIQ – one of the largest online sports communities, is introducing a platinum program for established writers. We are seeking writers with noteworthy publication histories and/or large audiences, in social media or otherwise. We have launched a platinum program for writers with noteworthy publication histories and/or large audiences, in social media or otherwise.

We will work with you to negotiate an aggressive pay rate based on a CPM and/or per article stipend, which can be very lucrative for writers with an audience. FanIQ is an outstanding place to build your portfolio while writing about whatever you want to write about.

If you have built a following on the web, please email your resume to our editors directly at journalist@faniq.com.

Author: Confidential
Category: Mobile platform - iPhone OS

- closed


I am looking for ghostwriters to create content for our blog. We provide health supplements so the content will be related to topics such as:

Weight loss
Health Products
Diet etc.

I am looking to pay $15 - $25 per blog post.
How to apply
graeme.potter@naturenetics.comPlease e-mail with links to some examples of your work.

Author: Confidential
Category: Mobile platform - iPhone OS

- closed


Do you love Apple products and writing? We are looking for an author who have a passion for Apple products and an excellent knowledge of Mac OS X & iOS platforms. Here is the details:

You are expected to contribute a minimum of 3 posts per week. These posts must be spread out over the entire week (e.g. monday, wednesday and friday)

Posts may include Howtos, troubleshooting tips and technical news.

Posts must be at least 400 words.

Posts should be image-heavy, with lots of screenshots (especially howtos and tips).

For technical news, you must report real issues. You must follow asian/european blogs because usually they first report valuable news/rumors. You must also follow various Apple forums to see what real users are experiencing and write about it.

You must own various Apple products: iPhone, iPad, Mac etc.

Everything you write must show depth, breadth and richness.

Be familiar with Wordpress.

To apply, simply send a short email to info@appletoolbox.com, with the subject line ‛Hire Me Because“ and include a short description of why you're qualified and samples of writing.
Please also include your rates per-article.

Author: Confidential
Category: Mobile platform - iPhone OS

- closed


We are looking for a writer with some experience in writing about real estate from the buyer, seller, and agent perspectives (or a small combo of the three).

We are looking for a Google + verified author and we will include your G+ markup on the posts. You can link back to your site occasionally but we do not want advertisements.

We would like you to promote your copy on this client's site on your social channels as well. We prefer a engaging Twitter and G+ account be present but will consider 1 or the other.


Please send your resume, examples of prior work, social media profiles, and requested rates to eric@creativesignals.com.

Author: Confidential
Category: Mobile platform - iPhone OS

- closed


We're looking for folks with existing author accounts created at very high quality, high authority sites willing to publish quality articles that include references to client content and/or our own sites' content where applicable.

Sites in question should be extremely authoritative publishing sites that allow author accounts and evergreen, how-to type content (Huff Po, About, Forbes, Entrepreneur, etc.) and/or very high quality niche blogs with a large, engaged audience, preferably with a broad topic focus (such as tech, family, health, etc.)

Articles themselves should be around 500-700 words, should contain at least one image, have a catchy / shareable headline, and should be useful and high quality.

Pay will be between $50-$100 depending on the quality of the publication the post is placed on.

Author: Confidential
Category: Mobile platform - iPhone OS

- closed

Our client, a large interactive media company in the city, is looking for an Information Architect. This is an on-site freelancing gig lasting 8-12 weeks.

Responsibilities: -Creating the architecture of a mobile application -Collaborating with UX team throughout project life cycle to drive solutions -Provide strong IA/UX design while delivering the best user experience -Identifying IA/UX designs including concept sketches, heuristics, wire frames, click-through demos, prototypes and assist in the creation of associated mitigation plans

Qualifications: -Minimum 5 years designing internet, mobile or equivalent interactive experiences related to IA + UX -A standout portfolio of solid web, mobile and multi-media projects -Expertise creating or applying interaction systems to create wire frames for screens or pages that expand on an existing application or website design -MOBILE EXPERIENCE IS A MUST! -Must be proficient with Omnigraffle

If you feel you are qualified for this position please send your resume (and samples if applicable) to: Philly20@jobalert.creativecircle.com

View additional job opportunities at «old link»

Author: Confidential
Category: Mobile platform - iPhone OS

- closed


We're launching a blog dedicated to content creation and marketing ideas. We're looking for a regular contributor (likely at least weekly) to create high-quality, in-depth content that demonstrates deep subject matter expertise and will be highly useful / educational for the audience.

Articles should be in the 700-2,000 word range (we're not huge sticklers on word count, but the idea is we want really meaty, deep dives on specific, useful subjects). Pay will be $200 per post.

The applicant should have extensive experience in practical, hands-on content marketing. We want people who have launched successful campaigns that have helped actual businesses (your own blogs, companies you've worked for, etc.) grow revenue. Content should be very specific, tactical, and focused on tangible business results.

Topics can be around content creation, content promotion (effective outreach, relationship building, etc.), real life case studies, etc. We're looking for actionable information and engaging posts.

Please send relevant writing samples and a brief description of relevant background (full CV not required) to tom@cornerstonecontent.com. We will select a few folks to start with a post on a trial basis for the $200 fee, and will eventually pick one to be the site's dedicated blogger.

Author: Confidential
Category: Mobile platform - iPhone OS

- closed