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We are seeking organized & professional Bloggers for our growing Guest Post Team! We are a U.S. based Marketing Company that has various clients/own portfolio that needs QUALITY guest posts done.

We are looking for experienced, well-connected bloggers with established guest posting relationships with other bloggers. We are hiring many bloggers and writers who have a list of blogs where they can publish quality guest posts.

The niches/industries will vary, so if you have blogs or are connected in various industries, please apply!

Looking for Guest Blog Writers to cover topics related to - Health, web, Finance, Education, Business, Travel, Discount Shopping, Fitness, Marketing and other topics.

Requirements for all posts:
1) Blog posts should be about 500 words and be written by a native English speaker (Canadian, UK, Australian is fine too). Posts should be thoroughly edited for grammar. Creative titles are a "Must" as we want these posts to be shared by others. Take passion in writing great posts :-)
2) Pictures should be provided with each post (you can use Flickr) 3) Websites must be a PR3+ with a Domain Authority of 30+. Websites must have real traffic, real social, real editor, etc..We will not accept low quality websites and blog networks.
4) Content must be on-top and be relevant to the website publishing to
5) Each post must contain the "anchor text" and URL that I have in the Bio. If the Link is not in the Bio as an author has already been established then it should go in-content.

How Much You Will Be Paid?

Pay will vary between $30 - $45 depending on the quality of the Blog/Website. Pay will be determined by PR and Domain Authority.
Super High-Quality, such as Huffington Post will be paid more!
How to apply

Please send me your experience with "Guest Posting" in a quick paragraph.

Please send 5-sites you can already guest post on (or if you just have 1-website you write for/own you can send that to me too) and have Guest Posted for!

If you already have a list of Sites you can post on, please send me that too and the pay out schedule.

Author: Confidential
Category: Mobile platform - iPhone OS

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Hi there,

We are looking for experienced guest bloggers – people who can both write great posts and have established connections with other bloggers to arrange placements on their sites.

- Please only apply if you have a proven track of records (include links to 3 published posts).
- Posts should be 400-600 words long, contain images and be written by a native English speaker.
- Posts will cover a range of topics, including content creation and content marketing.
- We accept only sites with Moz DA 35+ with links being do-follow.
- We offer $30 to $50 a piece for sites with DA 30 to 60. Higher DA site rates are negotiable.

Please email Andy at guestblogpros@gmail.com to apply and include a paragraph about yourself along with 3 links to guest posts you've published on other blogs.

Author: Confidential
Category: Mobile platform - iPhone OS

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I run an American SEO firm that has orders for over 1000 guest posts a month. I am currently looking for people who can handle both content writing and placement on publisher sites.

The process is simple: we assign you keywords and URL's, you write content, submit it to us for editing, and we return it to you for placement with a publisher site. Our deadline is 3 weeks from order date to live date. If you can meet both our timeframe and site requirements, we have enough work to keep you as busy as you’d like.

• Articles should be approximately 500 words and must be written by a native English speaker.
• Sites must be U.S.-based with U.S. traffic (or region of target site if outside the U.S.).
• Content must be relevant both to the client site and publisher. General blogs are acceptable provided they have a relevant category.
• Content must be published on real sites that are PR2+. Use of MyBlogGuest, etc. is fine, however the sites must have real traffic and rankings. Sites must not be link farms or splogs. Sites should not be article directories of any kind.
• Links must be do-follow. You must use the exact anchor text and URLs provided. If 2 links are ordered, both must be included in the post.
• We will not accept multiple posts to the same target URL on the same publisher site. Any articles linking back to the same site must be placed on separate websites.

My initial rate is $35 per post. If you can deliver higher quality, we can pay more, however this will be the initial rate unless your samples are stunning. If you have a set rate, please include it in your email. Please only email if you are a proven guest poster. I know there are many great writers out there, but I need folks who can both write and place posts.

Please send 3 samples of published guest posts you have done for yourself or for other clients to GuestBloggingProvider@gmail.com.

If you are selected, you will be given a trial order of 5 posts. The content must be written within 5 days of your order being assigned. You will have 14 days to place all guest posts once the content is returned to you. If you cannot meet the timeframe, the order will be cancelled. You will be paid for your trial order once the posts are live. I look forward to your emails!

Author: Confidential
Category: Mobile platform - iPhone OS

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Associate Editor - Blog Network & Social Media

We\'re looking for a dynamic individual who can oversee our blogging network and entire social media (Facebook, Twitter & Pinterest) on our site as a part-time Associate Editor.

Psych Central is the Internet\'s leading mental health network. We need someone who can help oversee our social media, blog network and manage these responsibilities on a daily basis.

Being responsible for overseeing Psych Central\'s blogging efforts, suggesting improvements in the network, managing existing bloggers, improving communication amongst the group
Conducting outreach with current bloggers, touching base with them on regularly
Moderating all blogs\' comments for blogs who don’t manage their own comments
Helping with end users\' and bloggers\' technical issues/troubleshooting posting to a blog (e.g., insert an image, fix formatting issues, un-spam a comment)
Identify and engage guest bloggers, as well as vet submissions
Post social media updates on our 3 social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter & Pinterest) 2-3 times/day
Answer questions from end users on social media as they arise
Coordinate and host occasional chats on Facebook and Twitter

College degree or actively working toward one
Experience using Wordpress versions 3.x and higher
Experience with either personal or corporate blog publishing
Familiarity with HooteSuite

Must be computer literate and Internet/search engine (SEO) savvy
Must be personable and have the ability to help walk people through steps to help them blog successfully
Basic HTML understanding and skillset (fixing simple HTML problems in Wordpress)
Understanding of various social media sites including Facebook & Twitter
Excellent proofreading and editing skills
Ability to work independently
Assist management in identifying opportunities based on new developments in the mental health & psychology blogosphere
Strong interpersonal and communication skills

This is a part-time, independent contractor position of between 25 to 30 hours/week.

The ideal candidate understands that this is a great position for someone who has a flexible schedule and can work reliably on a daily basis.

You should be self-managing, responsible, and be someone that can work largely on your own with minimal direction and supervision.

Author: Confidential
Category: Mobile platform - iPhone OS

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We are looking for experienced bloggers and writers to write about Hyper-local Real estate topics. (Orange County, CA)

We are looking for bloggers that can write for our blog along with our guest blogs on topics such as:

1. Buy or Rent: 10 Questions to Ask Yourself
2. Living in Orange County: 50 Fun Facts
3. 15 Ways to Neogiate When Purchasing a Home
4. Buying or Renting: The true cost of renting a home
5. 30 Things to look for when checking out houses


Article/Blog post should be around 600-800 words and accompanied by suitable photos.

looking for someone who is committed to writing 4 Articles/Blogs per month and can show creative ability to produce quality/interesting content.

If you are interested in this position please send your Resume and links to 3-4 RELEVANT writing examples to bmyblogger@gmail.com. Use the subject line ‛Real Estate Blogger“

Make sure that your writing examples are relevant to the Real Estate Industry

Author: Confidential
Category: Mobile platform - iPhone OS

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I'm launching a Halloween/Fall website next month and I'm looking for someone to produce quality, linkworthy "how to" blog posts related to food and crafts appropriate for Halloween and/or Fall.

Here are a few examples off the top of my head:
Decorating Halloween cupcakes.
Baking an apple pie.
How to make a ghost costume
Halloween Crafts for Kids

I'm looking for first person, here's what I did/here's what I learned, content rather than hypothetical or link collection posts.

I expect the posts to be substantial, between 500 and 1000 words (roughly) and include photographs. I'm budgeting $50 per post to start. I'm open to adjusting that based on cost of materials and time for specific posts. Or if your work is amazing. I'll provide a byline and link to your blog if you wish.

I'm looking for 2-3 blog posts per week for the seven weeks prior to Halloween (starting around September 15th), but I'm willing to divide the work among several people if we discover that works better. I'm open to your thoughts on how much you would like to contribute.

Email hr@funtober.com with a statement of interest in the position and links to your work online.

Author: Confidential
Category: Mobile platform - iPhone OS

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«old link» is an Australia property investment blog. We focus solely on positive cash flow property investments and provide content to help beginner investors get into the market and to help current investors grow their cash flow and their portfolio.


I am looking for someone who can write weekly or fortnightly blog posts with a minimum word count of 1,000 words. The blog posts must be of exceptional quality and must be entertaining and informative. I want a writer with some flair, not an article I can easily find on an article directory.

You will also be required to respond to reader comments if there are any.

In most cases the title will be provided for you, and in some cases even the subheadings. For the capable author you will be given more freedom and more work (if you desire it).

Email ryan@ryanmclean.net with 3 links directing to previous articles over 1,000 words. Preferably in the real estate or investing niche.

Please include in the title of your email: Problogger Job Board CashFlowInvestor

Please also provide:
- Your city of residency
- Your age
- Your gender
- Your length of time as a writer
- Your fee per article

Author: Confidential
Category: Mobile platform - iPhone OS

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We are seeking to hire a few motivated digital writers.

If you are able to conduct a thorough research, and write exhaustive articles on a variety of topics (i.e. home-based businesses, online writing as a business, effective use of social media, etc.) in an engaging style, we are looking forward receiving your application. Moreover, if you are not afraid to ask questions, and passionate about creating highly effective, unique and refreshing contents - we like to hear from you.

Your articles will need to have a laser like focus in addressing issues of concern to small businesses, stay-at-home-moms, solopreneurs, digital writers, wannabe writers, and more.

This position is planned to be a long-term one, provided your work is outstanding; we expect you writing a minimum of 4 (preferably 8) articles per month.

Although, most of the time the title of projects will come from us, we accept and in fact, encourage you to submit topic proposals, as well.

In summary, the most important things to us are:

1. Impressive content writing that attacks every issue from a different angle as compared to the competition.
2. Are you a serious, dedicated writer, that is interested in developing a long-term professional relationship with an organization that appreciates commitment, honesty, integrity and some fun too.
3. Can you engage, educate and entertain people with intriguing articles?
4. We like initiatives, paying attention to what is happening in the market we are working with and making extra efforts toward the success of our team.

To apply, please send over a brief introduction, two of your best writing samples, 1-2 references, your fees, and your availability to jrmazal011@gmail.com

Author: Confidential
Category: Mobile platform - iPhone OS

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We are looking for an amazing ghost writer that will be writing about travel marketing. Ideally, we would like someone who is a marketer to write, rather than the other way around.

We are extremely focused on quality useful content. This isn’t an SEO spin, or garbage content we want. You will be working on creating a community with amazing useful content. If you think KISSMetrics has a great blog, then this is the position for you.

You will be writing blog posts, putting together whitepapers, an ebook and many other various things. If English isn’t your first language, please do not apply.

You will be given topics, and it’s your job to take the ball and run with it. This can turn into a full-time position for the right candidate, or maybe it can just be your part-time job to pick up some extra income. Either way, we are open. We just want someone great.

Compensation to be discussed, but we pay well.

Author: Confidential
Category: Mobile platform - iPhone OS

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Leading e-commerce brand seeking a talented Information Architect.

You'll be responsible for developing navigation flows, site maps, wireframes, and interface design/functional specs. This role will liaise between the Creative and Technology teams. Must be able to conduct, write and contribute to tasks and deliverables including task analysis, heuristic evaluation, rapid prototyping and development of use cases and business process flows.

Ideal candidate will have at least 6 years of experience with site/system development and 4 years as an Information Architect or User Interface/Experience Designer. Must have worked on complex sites that integrate database driven content and application-like functionality or e-commerce processes. Must work on Visio, OmniGraffle, Photoshop and Illustrator.

It is highly preferred that you're active with Professional groups like IAI, ASIST (SIG_IA), AIGA, etc.

Please send your best wireframe samples and Portfolio to be considered.

If you feel you are qualified for this position please send your resume (and samples if applicable) to: LA30@jobalert.creativecircle.com

View additional job opportunities at «old link»

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Category: Mobile platform - iPhone OS

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