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Associated Content is an online publishing platform that enables anyone to earn money by writing articles on the internet. Every piece of content in our library is search engine optimized and earns revenue for its author based on the page views it receives.

Writing for AC is a great work opportunity for students, stay at home parents and freelance writers – you can work on your own time and submit papers, reviews, essays, how-to guides, etc. on literally any topic that you have expertise or interest in. This is a job you can do from anywhere – all you need is access to the internet.

In addition to our own library of content, we have hundreds of business partners who work with AC to obtain high quality, original content for their websites. As such, there are numerous opportunities for our most talented and prolific Content Producers to accept paid ‛Custom Content Producer“ assignments on an as-needed basis. Such assignments range anywhere from $15 to $35 per short article (500 to 1,000 words).

Here’s how you get started:

1) Go to «old link»
2) Follow the instructions to register as a Content Producer.
3) Fill in your profile, making note of your previous experience and your areas of expertise (if any).
4) Start publishing articles.

If you’re interested in becoming a Custom Content Producer and accepting higher paying assignments, send an email to darnell@associatedcontent.com with a link to your Content Producer profile once you have submitted at least three articles.

I will review all submissions and pass them along to our Custom Content Editor. If selected, you will start receiving special articles-for-pay offers from us on a regular basis, which you are free to accept or ignore.

Even if you are not selected for this program, you will earn page-view revenue on the articles you published, and you can submit additional articles for pay at any time.

NOTE: we pay our writers via PayPal twice per week.

Author: Associated Content
Category: Mobile platform - Windows Mobile

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I made a website and i put some ads on that website.I get 1$ - 5$ per click from one ip address.i give u 30% of my revenue to your paypal account.I want 5000 clicks this week and i credit in ur account as soon as i recieve my «old link»LIEVE «old link»ve email. .Remember i want each click from unique ip «old link»

Author: madhan
Category: Advertisment - Site in the top

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Strong interface and interaction design ability

Ability to take conceptual direction and enhance to make something good into something great

Standards-compliant XHTML, CSS, Flash ActionScript 3, Javascript, and AJAX

Preferred additional abilities:

Some experience with developing for LAMP based (Linux, Apache, MySQL, and PHP) is preferred

Knowledge of object oriented principles

Additional pluses:

Specialty skills a major plus (Facebook development, Adobe Air, etc.)

CMS experience (specifically with eZ Publish, Sitecore, Elgg, Joomla or Drupal systems)

Author: Kurani Interactive
Category: Web Development - Web design and Redisign

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Hydra is seeking an experienced and highly motivated Lead Programmer to lead a small team in the development of a variety of in-house, enterprise-level marketing applications.

Job Description: - Lead and mentor a small team of programmers in the development of highly scalable, robust web applications; - Work with software architects during the design phase to offer insight for proposed solutions; - Utilize experience to determine best methods for implementation of a particular software design; - Ensure defined development standards and best practices are consistently being utilized by developers on your team by managing peer code reviews and other techniques; - Handle merging of code from various development branches using CVS.

Qualifications: - 5+ years of professional developer experience within a team-oriented environment, including previous team leader experience and the ability to effectively motivate the team members; - 3+ years of solid OO PHP5 experience utilizing a web application MVC framework architecture; - Solid experience in developing high-performance (millions of transactions) and high-availability (zero downtime) web applications; - Solid understanding of web application MVC frameworks is important, but dependency on any particular framework brand is not; the ability to quickly adapt to a proprietary framework setup is critical; - Solid experience in traditional LAMP environments and other tools such as CVS; - Advanced knowledge of Javascript technologies such as AJAX, JSON, YUI Library; - Knowledge of cross-browser development techniques and hurdles; - Solid understanding of software design, coding and testing patterns; - Strong ability to always find solutions to challenging and often unique development obstacles; - Experience in the online advertising industry - specifically CPA/CPC models - is a major plus; - Excellent logic, analytical, and organizational skills with an uncompromising attention to detail; - Excellent written and verbal communication skills with the ability to interact professionally with all department levels; - Available to work in Beverly Hills, CA and able to work in the office five days a week; tele-commuting is not available for this position.

Compensation: $80,000 + (depending on experience)

Please respond with your resume, a brief introductory statement and your salary requirements.

Author: Hydra LLC
Category: Administration - Technical support

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have developed a website idea that could revolutionize the way we do trade. The website would be pretty in-depth so I am looking for someone who knows their stuff about web developement, design, etc. The most I will disclose about the website is that it is very similar to EBay but the users don't auction their products. I am looking for someone who can work on this idea and help bounce ideas off each other. I can either pay you for this job or negotiate a partnership if you decide this idea is too good to pass up.

Author: jon.harvell
Category: Web Development - Web design and Redisign

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