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«old link» is looking for bloggers with personality able to write about personal finance and credit-related topics. (Stories drawing from personal credit experiences or encounters, a plus!) Post frequency may be for M - F, but quality over quantity!


Bloggers must be active and able to leverage extensive social networks and contacts to promote posts. Blog posts must be engaging and generate re-tweets, shares and comments.

Blogger must disclose full name and image.


We pay on a monthly basis, exact starting pay will be determined by your level of experience and quality of work.

Visit FreeScore Credit Blog to check us out!

Author: Confidential
Category: Mobile platform - Android OS

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SCROON provides social media solutions and marketing insights to engage consumers across multiple social networks and the brand’s web and mobile sites.
- Generate and close new business through prospecting, presenting, negotiating and developing clients amongst leading advertisers and in the agency industry (digital, marketing services, media, creative, PR)
- Negotiate key deal terms and close contractual agreements
- Liaise between the ScrOOn delivery team and the client, ensuring that client expectations are continually exceeded.

Author: Confidential
Category: Freelance - Other

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We are looking for strong comp artists to help our Studio with upcoming projects.


• Expert comping, retouching and compositing abilities in Adobe CS5 applications, especially Photoshop

• Illustration and storyboard skills

• Photography talents are a plus!

• Strong listening skills and comprehension of Creative direction

• Ability to juggle multiple projects and switch gears efficiently in a fast-paced work environment

Author: Confidential
Category: Mobile platform - iPhone OS

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The leading organic food & lifestyle magazine for savvy, smart women and individuals who love delicious healthy food and live the green lifestyle, is looking for more writers to add to our team.
Topic categories include: organic and sustainable food, drink, entertaining, natural beauty, health, exercise, wine, green living, home, natural pet, food politics, technology, parenting and gardening.

If you're got a strong point of view and an original, clear voice that is just made for blogging, and can commit to at least 2 quality posts per week, let's talk.

Here's what we're looking for from you:
- You have 2+ years' experience in professional writing (additional years' professional writing, blogging and/or editing experience highly preferred).
- You have more than a passing interest in eco living that's fun, not frumpy.
- You have experience with, and daily use of/respectable presence on several major social sites (Twitter, Facebook, Stumbleupon, etc.).
- You're proficient in typical technical tasks associated with blogging: Wordpress/blog CMS, SEO and tagging, image sourcing and cropping, best practices for linking and social media.
- Grammar is your middle name.

You *must* have prior professional writing experience and be able to provide at least 3 links to high quality published work.

This is a paying, contracted, telecommuting position. Market rates, writer-friendly contract, professional team.

Send us 3 pithy, information-packed sentences about yourself, along with your CV (cut and paste, no attachments), 3-5 links to your best published work, and at least 2 links to your social profiles (Twitter, Digg, StumbleUpon etc.), to OrganicGreenJobs@Gmail.Com

Author: Confidential
Category: Mobile platform - Android OS

- closed

First, some technical requirements:
Experienced with MVC's specifically Django.
Experienced with Web Programming
Solid Database skills.
Comfortable working with Debian Servers (Ubuntu)
Experienced with Python.
Experience with subversion. we use Versions on Mac to be more accurate (mucho grande points if your an Apple freak like the rest of us…)
Must be somewhat comfortable around XHTML/CSS/JavaScript/jQuery.

Second, some "extra" technical requirements:
Experienced with Payment processing systems
Understands the fundamentals of web security and generally uses best practices
Proficient enough to independently adapt to unfamiliar technologies
Able to write clean, organized, manageable code

Third, some general requirements:
Willing to work at strange hours
2+ Years experience
Team player
Committed to his work and is not afraid to stand up for what he thinks and at the same time listening to others

Forth and formost, some "extra" general requirements:
Great at ping-pong
Lives in the Big Apple (New York)
Massive Food junky
Willing to be hosted in new york (expense free) for the next month (if you live outside of new york)

Author: Confidential
Category: Programming - Other

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You shine when touching-up an photo, prettying-up a chart, or simplifying-up a user interface. You can happily spend 8 hours designing a complex infographic or 8 minutes searching for a funny image online to accompany a blog post. You’re as comfortable tweaking CSS as you are juggling layers in Photoshop.

We’re looking for a design generalist, so qualified candidates will have most of these skills:
User interface design
Editorial design
Quick Photoshop work
Good eye for powerful images, good ability to find them quickly online
Infographics a plus
Higher-level tech skills (e.g. Perl, AJAX) a plus
Strong writing skills a plus

You like team-work, but can manage yourself day-to-day
You’ve got a knack for planning and managing complex projects
You’re low-ego and high-output (like the rest of our team)
You’re happy to change directions quickly and frequently. ‛Build it, test it, iterate quickly“ mentality a big plus
You like working hard with a hard-working team.
You’ve got a sense of humor, even (especially!) when the going gets tough
You can make ‛quick & dirty“ look shiny & nice

Location: Anywhere. Our office is virtual, and we collaborate online.

Contract Rate: Competitive and negotiable. Hours-wise, this independent contractor position is roughly equivalent to full-time.

Author: Confidential
Category: Web Development - Web design and Redisign

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ISOMETRIC (VECTOR) ARTISTS NEEDED! Talkie is leading the next generation of social games. We are looking to outsource various art projects to a team of talented artists on a contract basis. If you're a seriously talented artist, and think you have what it takes to impress us with your vector art, we'd like to hear from you! Qualifications: -Vector/ illustration -Education in related fields -1-2 years minimum experience We want to see: -Strong sense of perspective/ colour -Strong Illustration skills in Adobe Illustrator or Flash CS4 -You meet deadlines and produce professional quality art -Ability to stick with a certain style of artwork -Experience in creating video game art an asset -Experience in 3D an asset How to apply: If your talented, professional and organized, we can enable you to be a part of a team where the contracts are in abundance. Please send your resume and relevant portfolio pieces to apply.sc@gmail.com. If chosen you will receive an email with a test. Pass the test, you're part of the team and we can start contracting art your way! Pay is to be negotiated. ( To see examples of the art quality we are expecting follow this link «old link» you!

Author: Confidential
Category: Mobile platform - iPhone OS

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I'm looking for someone that can convert this image ( [link] ) into a logo that has the same feel as the dogfish head logo ( [link] ). I want the lifeguard stand to have a distressed number eight on the backrest of the chair (like it would be distressed from the beach weather). Looking to spend $20 on this image. Let me know if anyone is interested.

Author: Confidential
Category: Design - Logos

20 $ closed