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AOL is looking for an SEO blogger for it’s personals site. You will be working with the Lead SEO Blogger writing at least three posts a week. You need to have a strong understanding of what it takes to capture SEO keywords and know how to use Google AdWords and other SEO tools. Payment is $30/post. You can work remotely. You are only required to call into a short meeting once a week. I am looking for someone who will have ideas for SEO strategies, fresh perspective and great blogging skills. The pay is $30/post. Email aolpersonals@gmail.com. In the cover letter, please include 3 clips and indicate your SEO knowledge.

Author: Confidential
Category: Mobile platform - Android OS

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We need someone who lives in NY, or LA, who can write about Fashion shows, Celebrities trends, new stores, trends, models and etc in NY and around the world (mainly NY and LA and London) We need 1 posts per day with one photo.
We need somebody to log into our Company Blog to add their posts, and imagery.

We are a Fashion Brand, who has many Celebrity Clientele, we would like to utilize the imagery of those wearing our Product alongside the bloggers endeavors.

We are looking also looking to engage other suitable Blogs with the writings and imagery where possible, and gain interest from other Bloggers in the Fashion and Celebrity field.

Payment will be made once a month roughly around the 2nd of every month after you complete one months of posting.

The start pay for the fashion writer is $250 per month.

We would prefer people from NY or LA to apply but if you really love fashion and still follow NY fashion and Fashion closely you can still Apply.

Author: Confidential
Category: Mobile platform - Android OS

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We are a small team looking for an adaptable web designer who is eager to learn and grow within their role. Primary responsibility is development and maintenance of our website. We work with a software development contractor to develop our learning products and the role also involves liaising with the contractor (project management and creating concepts) to ensure our creative team's ideas are translated into exciting products.
Essential skills: HTML; CSS; Dreamweaver, Photoshop (for web and print)
It is also important to have knowledge of: Designing for web and print although on the print side someone is always on hand to assist; Flash (ActionScript 2/3 and XML Desirable) , at least a working knowledge and a willingness to learn; PHP/MySQL ?at least the ability to read and understand the code.

Author: Confidential
Category: Web Development - Web design and Redisign

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Numiko («old link») are looking to build relationships with Yorkshire based HTML/CSS freelancers ideally with Drupal theming experience.

Please send your details to jobs@numiko.com with some good examples of your work indicating if you are able to work onsite from our Leeds office.

Author: Confidential
Category: Programming - Other

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You’ll need a strong, demonstrable knowledge of Python and Django, and be able to provide code samples to back up your claims. You’ll need to know MySQL and/or Postgres, and working knowledge of virtualenv and pip is strongly desired (but if you’re the developer we’re looking for, you can probably teach yourself these before you send an application email). You’ll need to be familiar with git, and be able to communicate effectively using a bug tracker. Any experience of fast front-end prototyping with «old link» would probably put you at the front of the queue.

What we can offer you in return:

This role will be ideal for a real craftsman programmer, who just wants the opportunity to be left alone to write high-quality code. We offer interesting work, along with rock-solid specs, no micro-management, and management team who are all developers. You can work from wherever you please, and whenever you please, but we’d prefer you’re in or around GMT so we can have the occasional phone call. Our output is 100% quality-driven, so if you’re sick of documentation and testing going out of the window as soon as a deadline looms, maybe you should drop us a line. We try to build long-term relationships, so we’re willing to provide no-strings-attached hardware for our regular freelancers after you complete a few successful projects with us.

Author: Confidential
Category: Programming - Castom soft и Plagins

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Numiko are looking to build relationships with UK based Drupal freelancers or contract Drupal developers specifically able to work from our office in Leeds.

If you have high quality experience of developing in Drupal 5/6 and ideally upcoming 7, then please get in touch.

We will only be interested in Uk based Drupal developers who have top quality examples of their work and can ideally work directly from our offices in Leeds.

Author: Confidential
Category: Programming - Castom soft и Plagins

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MeeVu is a small group of innovative thinkers. We create ideas, and design various services that can be delievered through the web. Our backgrounds vary from design, to psychology, to business management.

Who We're Looking For

If you're an experienced web designer and feel the following traits describe you, you may be a good fit for this position:

•You design for your audience, not for yourself.
•Details matter, a lot.
•Grids matter, a lot.
•You plan ahead, draw wire frames, and sketch your layouts but don't mind switching it up if it makes more sense.
•You understand the features and limitations of HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and Flash.
•You communicate your progress, present challanges as they arise, and like working with teams and are open to creative solutions.
•Self motivated and organized
•Able to communicate well with developers over instant messaging and project management tools such as Basecamp to clarify your designs.
What We're Offering

Although we cannot offer you an infinite amount of pay and work, we do have a few cool treats we're bringing to table:

•You'll get to work on a variety of projects – really awesome, innovative and unique projects. The kind of projects you'll brag about to all your friends.
•We can start you off at $30~$40 per hour, depending on your experience and quality of portfolio. If things go well, we're happy to increase your pay as well on a regular basis, and we will always pay you on time through any method you prefer.
•We're flexible. It's a Freelance position, so we understand you have other work but we also understand sometimes you won't have a lot of work and may need something extra to fill your days.
•We have lots of work, and will do our best to keep you busy on a regular basis.
This position is available immediately.

Author: Confidential
Category: Design - 2D/3D grafics and animation

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