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I need very experienced Flex/Flash developers (5+ or more) who are interested in doing some freelancing or a part-time contract for developing an Pre-Alpha/Beta version of an online browser-based game I'm currently working on, it's basically a Sci-Fi browser game with Super/Real Robots involved in a galactic wars. What you need for this position: - Experience on Flexbuilder, OO ActionScript 2.0/3.0 programming for flex design patterns. - Video Game development experience for multiple platforms is a must. - Excellent debugging Skills. - Good Algorithm analysis/implementation. - Deep understanding of the software development lifecycle. - Passion for developing online video games. - Knowledge of 2D and Physics for games. - Knowledge of AI ( Artificial Intelligence) and MMO development. - Online, working prototypes of games he/she worked on are a huge plus. What you'll be doing: - Develop engaging, interactive and fast-paced online worlds. - Use Flash Builder and/or Flash CS5 to build Flash assets from scratch. - Write clean, reusable, and scalable ActionScript code. - Work closely with a creative director to collaboratively come up with concepts and execute those concepts using Flash. I will have to see some real mad skills so please no amateur work, you are free to post your prices and samples in this thread or shoot me an email at my email

Author: Confidential
Category: Programming - Other

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• Clean & semantic tableless coding, including HTML5/CSS3

• Expression Engine experience (this skill is crucial)

• Javascript/Jquery

• PHP/MySql

• At least two years professional web development experience

• Mac expertise preferred

• Google webmaster tools and SEO principles

• Linux and Apache server experience

• WordPress experience (not so crucial as Expression Engine)

• Take a PhotoShop file and efficiently turn it into HTML

• Improve, maintain, and troubleshoot existing websites

• Be available for meetings

• We're not looking for a UI designer, but your strong typography and information design skills will be welcomed into the conversation.


• Interviews in June.

• Begin project(s) in early July. Projects will be ongoing for the right person or people.


Inner SE Portland, Oregon. We are very much hoping for a local person, but we're willing to work long distance if you're brilliant at all the skills listed above!


Please send:

1. Resume.

2. Cover letter.

3. URLs of at least four sites that exemplify the above skills.

5. Names and contact info of three references.

Author: Confidential
Category: Programming - Other

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Please do not apply if you are not highly qualified to do so. I am looking for a very talented Ruby or Python developer or agency to launch a startup. If you would like to be responsible for creating a highly successful web business, then here is your opportunity.

A CMS will be needed. You will be awarded the position if you have experience developing similar websites. So without disclosing too much I will tell you that at its most basic level the site will allow users to upload their digital content and sell it. The content will be anything digital such as ebooks, mp3s, software, etc.

I have developed a new viral eccomerce business model that is patent pending. Now, that the intellectual property is secure I am proceeding with the website development. I have been developing websites for 5 years myself. I know quality work when I see it. Now, it is more important to focus on the business side of things.

From the initial buzz received, this startup will revolutionize traditional industries. I just need a talented developer/team to take the concept and turn it into reality. The full disclosure of the project details will be released upon signature of a non-disclosure. So, please quote an hourly price to enable comparative analysis of submissions.

Since this is a lean startup, we will create a simple version and add more features for each type of content as the budget allows. We will rapidly prototype instead of delaying the release until completion of a fully developed product. When initial cash flow is created it will be put right back into your pocket through the further development of additional features.

Development will be ongoing if you wish. Your talent will be a large factor in the success or failure of the startup, so bonuses will be awarded based on performance. Eventually full-time employment will be offered to individuals. So, if you have the qualifications, and would like to be responsible for creating a highly successful web business, then please submit your credentials, portfolio, and references

Author: Confidential
Category: Programming - Other

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«old link»

Forum Posters
I am looking for some forum posters to drum up activity. Forum posters will simply be required to post and interact with other members on AF.

Game Reviewers
Reviewers will be required to write reviews on old and new games. A posting template is supplied to make it a little easier for you. No minimum amount of reviews a month required, but we would like to see as many as possible. Also no minimum post count per reviews either.

Music Reviewers
Same as above but you'd be reviewing albums.

Movie Reviewers
Again, same as above but you'd be reviewing movies.

To be a reviewer you need to have a decent grasp on english grammar and punctuation. That said, no prior experience is required.

Thank you for your time
«old link»

Author: Confidential
Category: Freelance - Other

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We are a brand new startup developing mobile apps that explore the interaction between people and places. We have two products that could use the loving touch of a professional. We are looking for someone who, amongst other things, can in the words of Mike Rundle of «old link».
Delight users with a beautiful look & feel
Take a novel approach to an interesting problem
Inspire user confidence through user experience consistency and ease-of-use
Guide newcomers around so they can learn and then show others

One of our apps competes in a similar space to Color, so if you ever looked at Color and thought, I bet I could make that not suck then we'd love to talk to you.

Author: Confidential
Category: Design - Other

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I'm based in Boulder, and my colleague is based in NYC. My focus is interface design and LAMP development. My colleague has extensive experience working with companies in various industries and several prestigious nonprofits. Together, we're creating a web application that leverages metadata to allow non-technical users to organize, archive, and publish collections of media.

I provide everything related to the user experience: HTML, CSS, JS, graphics, and wireframes. My colleague provides everything related to the business logic: thorough data models, clear specs, and long-term strategy. We're looking for a third person to bridge these two areas with fast, stable, efficient, and secure code.

Like us, we want you to be a self-starter: independent, disciplined, an expert in your field. You need to have a genuine love of simplicity and efficiency. You need to understand that every pixel on the screen is important. You also need to be a strong communicator – articulate, accessible, and responsive. It would be ideal if you were based in either the Front Range region of Colorado or the NYC metro area so that we could have occasional meetings to review progress, but that's not a requirement.

Specific technical needs include:
Image processing (ImageMagick, etc)
Audio/video processing (Panda, etc)
Website CMS development (custom)
User account creation/authentication
E-commerce (Spree, etc)
Javascript/AJAX (using jQuery)
Connecting to existing social media APIs

We are well-versed in the pros and cons of Rails and PHP, so we don't have a strong bias for or against either. There may be a slight bias for PHP because that's what I'm most familiar with, but both my colleague and I have worked on several Rails projects as well. We're looking for someone with 5-10+ years of development experience who has worked on applications with 5,000-10,000+ users. Time commitment would be 20-30 hours per week for the next 2-3 months, with potential for a similar arrangement after the initial launch.

We know you're out there and we're eager to get started – let us know if you're interested.

Author: Confidential
Category: Programming - Castom soft и Plagins

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I am looking for a nice and simple design with maybe a touch of colour in it, that I can use on white and black backgrounds, so I dont know if 2 designs are required I will pay 30Euros for the best design, you can see by my taste of photography and get an idea what would work well with my work! I will only pay by paypal as its secure for me! You can mail your designs here: erasmusmarius25@hotmail.com Thank you and I am looking forward to see the work!

Author: Confidential
Category: Design - Illustration

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