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Most blogging sites are pretty restrictive on what they allow you to write about. GoodBlogs is different. GoodBlogs was created to allow bloggers to write about whatever their interests are. We have seven main categories (Home & Family, Environment & Social Justice, Business & Entrepreneurship, etc) but they are broad enough that, between them, they pretty much include everything.

We're a crowd-sourced blogging platform looking for new bloggers. The idea behind our site is this: Bloggers submit an original post on a topic of their choosing, site members vote for their favorites posts, the ones with the most votes each day are promoted to the homepage, and the blogger who wrote them is paid $20

In the three 1/2 months since our launch, we've paid out over $11,600 to bloggers just like you.

To get started, just visit «old link» («old link»), sign up (takes about 30 seconds), and start blogging!

We hope to see you there.

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Category: Mobile platform - Android OS

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The Justus Clothing Company is looking for a freelance Website Programmer and Designer. The Website Programmer and Designer is responsible for updating, designing, and participating in the development of Justus\\\' online store and email campaigns. Position responsibilities include the development and design of website, updating of website for promotions, sales, and product offerings. Position also includes the design and set up of email campaigns. Applicants must be highly motivated with extensive knowledge of code, experience with the yahoo store platform, Adobe Photoshop, html/css, javascript, SEO, and resolving cross platform issues. Applicant must have good writing skills and have a flexible schedule including the posting of updates periodically on nights and weekends.

About Justus: The Justus Clothing Company was established in 2002 as a progressive company offering men and women comfortable, style-driven apparel at an affordable price. Justus Clothing is sold at a variety of boutiques and gift shops across the U.S. and via the company\\\'s online store. Justus is a business inspired by a passion to make a difference for its customers as well as for those in need through its 1-4-1 Program. Under the 1-4-1 Program, for every item purchased on the company\\\'s website, «old link», a new pair of underwear is given away to a homeless shelter for those in need.

Author: Confidential
Category: Programming - Other

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Yovia, the worlds first People Engine, has a steady supply of blogging and social networking assignments. Earn base pay plus bonuses for quality and overall reach of your content.

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Category: Mobile platform - Android OS

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I need a concept artist ASAP for the pre-production of a 3D game on iphone (props, level and character) If you are interested please send me back your rate + url of your work to contact@samavan.com

Author: Confidential
Category: Mobile platform - iPhone OS

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We are an animation company producing a pilot for our first web-based motion comic series in need of talented background artists and colorists to help us in the final stages of production. Our team of producers and animators has years of experience creating content for major cable broadcasters, but now we're building a company we can call our own! A majority of the work has been finished, but we need a versatile digital painter to produce the last few elements. This is a great opportunity to do a small amount of work in order to join a production team that will have many projects in the near future. Work on this pilot is deferred pay, but any and all future projects will be paid. We have had great experiences working with artists from the DeviantArt community in the past, and look forward to meeting more great talents! Send us some sample background work and your availability over the next few weeks to nukeitjobs@gmail.com (or send us a message on DevArt!). Look forward to hearing back!

Author: Confidential
Category: Design - Illustration

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We are looking for a new flash logo into / holding screen to be designed. This flash file we be placed on our digital screens and shown when no other content is available (effectively a screensaver). Our current file looks like this: «old link» We are looking for a similar sort of end product, but something more corporate and professional incorporating our new company branding. The new file MUST meet the following: * Be able to update the logo's just by chaging a PNG logo file * Run fullscreen * No dependancies on external files / internet connection * Run on infinate loop We will also request the source files so that we may update the logos as/when we need to. Please include samples of previous flash work. you may add me on msn: carl.silver@leapfrogavit.com Thanks

Author: Confidential
Category: Design - Logos

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Hallå! Vi i Gamerzone Spelförening söker nu en kodare som kan hantera att jobba under tighta scheman. Vi måste ha vår hemsida relativt fort och jobbet skall självfallet göras snyggt. Vi har en stor budget för hemsidan så vi betalar väldigt bra, beroende på hur slutsatsen blir. Vi kan alltså under alla omständigheter gå ner i pris om jobbet görs slarvigt eller dylikt. Då jag personligen inte kan kodning alls så är ALLT upp till dig. Därav söker jag en kodare som har mycket erfarenhet och klarar av att jobba själv. Du ska kunna ta åt dig av vad vi ber dig att ändra och göra, det är som sagt vår hemsida. Du ska helst också vara över 18 år men detta är inget krav. Vi kommer förmodligen också skriva kontrakt på att du ska utföra arbetet eller ett muntligt avtal som spelas in utav vår styrelse. Våra krav: Du skall vara Svensk medborgare, obviously. Du skall bo i Sverige. Du skall ha bankkonto i Sverige. Du skall vara grovt aktiv på msn/irc. Du skall arbeta relativt fort. Du skall göra arbetet bra. Du skall ta in vad vi ber dig göra. Du skall utföra jobbet till 100%. Är du intresserad utav detta så kan du kontaka oss omedelbart, kontaktinformation hittar du nedanför. Mail: spector@gamerzone.nu Mobil: 0738052215 (Ring helst inte efter 21

Author: Confidential
Category: Web Development - Coding

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