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To get your attention, I can pay 250 dollars for this project, and would be willing to negotiate a cut in sales if the artwork is really good. I'm creating an Android app that aims to make running for exercise into a game of sorts. To summarize, you choose a type of place, and it lets you cycle through the nearby places ordered by distance. It then gives you walking directions and draws the path you run, as well as the directions on the map. It tracks your stats to view later. A screen comes up when you complete a step or arrive at a destination. What do I need? I'd like a cool splash screen for the title -- this is pretty open-ended, just something stylish with a cartoony person running, and/or places in the background. A splash screen congratulating the user when she/he run to a place is important too. Splash screens / title screen = 800x480, or anything approximately in this aspect ratio. I also need icons to draw on the map. An animated gif of a guy walking + one running would be cool. Also need something to indicate the end of a run (target? Treasure chest? something cool?) These should be around 30x40 pixels, but I can always scale them. Also need a 100x120 application icon. Currently dubbed it "The Fun Run App" so this text can appear on the icon or title screen. I'll pay 50 dollars for each high res image that I use, and 20 dollars for each tiny icon. I can pay via PayPal or send a check, whichever you prefer. To facilitate trust, you can send me the first image and I will then send you the money. THANK YOU for assisting this not-so-artistic software developer, Charles AKA Xanthanov Email is best: charles.l.capps@gmail.com

Author: Confidential
Category: Design - Illustration

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Consumer focused company seeking an Interaction Designer.

You'll be working on web-based software projects that include some simple hardware and incorporate analysis + coaching users energy habits. You'll be making and refining prototypes and helping users make the best decisions.

Must have an understanding of human behavior and how it is incorporated into the interactive space.

Visual design skills aren't super important, the focus of this job is INTERACTION.

Author: Confidential
Category: Design - Other

- closed


I need a Programmer who can get an algorithm working for us.

I need a number of recipes put into a database that the programmer will create. The database that will be created could probably be created in Excel and it isn't that complex, only we are not technical enough to this ourselves.

The programmer will create the datatbase in such a way that the user will be able to get answers from the database such as certain calories, nutrients, food types etc.

Please enquire for more information

Please contact us for more information.

Author: Confidential
Category: Programming - Other

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I own a Personal Training company and I am looking for a creative designer to put together a 'wellness' brochure for my clients.

As we are a startup we don't have a huge budget so this might suit someone who will be willing to provide a competitive and reasonable quote.

Kind regards


Author: Confidential
Category: Design - Banners Gif/Jpeg/Png

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I am looking for a freelance writer to write a number of blogs for my new website.

I would ideally like 10 to 15 to start off with.

I would provide the topics, perhaps with some links to the information and the writer should then write these blogs for me and put them in his/her own words.

The writer should have creative flair and make the blog as interesting and perhaps with a little bit of tongue in cheekyness so that my readers will be intrigued to continue reading.

I will provide a sample blog that I have written myself so that the writer will understand where I am coming from.

I would like quotes to be both reasonable and competitive because this could be an ongoing arrangement so do keep this in mind when you quote.

Kind regards


Author: Confidential
Category: Mobile platform - Android OS

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We are looking to hire a TEAM of people, not individuals, to send thousands of emails per day. A capcha will have to be entered to retrieve the email addresses before you send the emails. Each team leader will be required to speak and understand English. The job hours will typically be between 1pm-10pm pacific time(United States).
Please let us know how many emails per day you think your team can send out.
The position starts immediately so hopefully you have competitive rates as we are interviewing many applicants. This is an internet based paid job for freelance or contract employment. Please respond to discuss the project and rate further.

Thank you,

Author: Confidential
Category: Freelance - Other

- closed


Hi guys and girls,

I'm looking for a native English speaker to manage and promote a few fledgling personal finance blogs.

The blogs in question already have writers attached to them, but I need someone to manage and direct the writers (both in terms of checking article quality - i.e. editing - and directing article topics) and market/promote their posts.

Familiarity with Wordpress is a must - bonus points if you have your own blog and know a bit about marketing and promotion already.

Interested applicants please email me at writerman42@gmail.com. Please include a bit about yourself and attach a portfolio if you have one.

Author: Confidential
Category: Mobile platform - Android OS

- closed