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Handbag, travel and accessory retailer is seeking a freelance Web Designer – Ecommerce Marketing to design email layouts and graphic assets that support promotions that meet strategic initiatives, and business and branding objectives. This freelance position will be an extension of an in-house design team, and led by a Senior Web Designer.

Design email campaigns based on an established seasonal theme
Design website assets, including home pages, landing pages and banner ads, for our company site as well as for third-party partners and affiliates
Prepare PhotoShop layouts for hand-off to a Web Production Artist, including named layers, good use of guide lines and overall clean files
Collaborate with project coordinators and senior designers to achieve milestones on time, and to ensure all communications are consistent with the brand
Assist in the management of email digital assets, both internally and externally
Protect the brand image, integrity and consistency wherever and however it appears internally, publicly and electronically, maintaining a defined set of graphic standards

Bachelor’s degree in Web Design or Graphic Design with an emphasis on web design, interactive media or equivalent
2+ years web design and HTML programming experience
Solid understanding of email and web design layout, and the translation of PhotoShop layouts to working HTML documents
Self-motivated individual who excels at prioritizing and managing their own workflow
Detail and multi-task oriented
Strong appreciation for web design, branding, user experience, functionality, information architecture, typography and color
Technically proficient in Adobe Creative Suite, including Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator, etc.
Knowledge of optimizing graphics for the web
Knowledge of building nested tables for email layouts
Strong organizational, written and verbal communication skills

If you're interestered, please apply via email, and include links to an online portfolio or work samples.

Author: Confidential
Category: Web Development - Web design and Redisign

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We have recently launched a series of educational, long format eBooks on a variety of casino skill games (blackjack, roulette, craps & poker) and are looking for relevant blogs to do sponsored reviews of the eBooks.

Author: Confidential
Category: Mobile platform - iPhone OS

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Responsibilities & Tasks
Individual project ownership through full lifecycle (planning, scoping, budgeting, execution, final delivery & presentation to the client)
Work hand-in-hand with Client Services to maintain and expand client relationships
Strategic client consulting
Project planning, including scope definition and budgeting
Understand the vision and mission of projects, and communicate and evangelize this to internal and external stakeholders
Manage project quality, schedule, and budget
Coordinate and guide team
Interface with creative and technical directors
Daily client communication, care, and socializing
Present and explain deliverables, on-site and off-site to clients

Knowledge, Skills, & Abilities
College Graduate (BA/BS degree) preferred
2-5 years of project management experience with an international or digital media agency/environment.
Deep understanding of digital media
Solid understanding of marketing strategies, design and technology
Experience in mobile space preferred, not required
Awareness of trends and innovations
Strong communication skills
Problem solver who goes the extra mile to get results
Organized team player
Ability to simultaneously handle multiple high-stress projects
Proficient in MS Office programs & project management software (Merlin)
Familiar with standard project management tools and processes
Positive attitude towards work assigned while continuously striving to deliver best-in-class results

Why working here rocks!
Creative environment (we just moved into a former Google! office space) with a huge patio complete with a grill
State-of-the-art espresso machine, kegerator (sometimes we brew our own beer), and stocked fridge on-site
Walking distance to the beach, shopping areas, and restaurants/bars
We like to work hard and play hard

Author: Confidential
Category: Administration - Moderation of site

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Request For Proposal for Branding and Web Development Services

For The Akal Group of Companies

Company Background

The Akal Group of Companies (Akal Group) employs over 10,000 security professionals worldwide – currently operating in 140 countries. We are a prime provider of physical security, security consulting and training services to a broad base of US Federal customers. The Akal Group consists of Akal Security, Coastal International Security, Saber and the Protective Services Training Academy (PSTA). We are seeking a New Mexico based company or individual to bid and execute the following work.

Project Description

The Akal Group is seeking an independent marketing professional and/or marketing team to develop a comprehensive marketing platform for the Akal Group brand, which incorporates a unified, group approach to facilitate growth.

Desired materials include: a concise branding strategy to include logo and print materials (letterhead and business cards) for the Akal Group and Saber, and the creation of new as well as redesign and development of current websites.

Various print marketing materials may be required as well. For the purpose of this request for proposal, please provide a thorough print materials pricing schedule.

Project Requirements

The Akal Group websites should incorporate a content management system for which the contractor should provide thorough training upon completion of the project for internal maintenance and updates. Websites should comply with W3C web standards and should be optimized for both web and mobile users. All designs should be original. Web templates will not be considered for this project.

Branding materials should include a thorough style guide for internal distribution.

Functional Requirements

Please see the following websites as reference for desired website «old link»
«old link»
«old link»

Submission Information

All RFP questions should be directed to ravik@akalsecurity.com.

Please submit all proposals to:

The Akal Groupc/o Sean Williams, VPBD1125 Kent Ave NEAlbuquerque, NM 87102

Assumptions and Agreements

Proposals will not be returned and The Akal Group reserves the right to dismiss any proposal for any reason. Selections will be made at the sole discretion of The Akal Group and the selected parties will be notified.

Author: Confidential
Category: Freelance - Other

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You take pride in doing great work and care about the details (that is, you deliver pixel-perfect work).
You have a different, fresh, and interesting perspective to share with us on designing marketing sites, applications, and usability.
You have done some great work and can send us links to your portfolio/sites you've done.
You can chop up a Photoshop comp and turn it into something "live" with semantic HTML5 and CSS3.
You want to be part of a small, growing company that is making an impact on the world.

What You Might Work On
Build a new ecommerce website for a major cycling distributor, create designs for a celebrities website, learn how to use SEO and PPC to maximize returns.
Customer research: Visit a few customers at their office. Talk to the project managers and learn about how Coalitionhas improved their business, and how we can do better.
Re-think, re-imagine, and re-design a brand new timesheet that is consistent across mobile, tablet and desktop, while taking advantage of each platform's strengths and weaknesses.
Designed and finessed some UI elements and worked on a new layout for our internal tool, CallTask

Author: Confidential
Category: Web Development - Coding

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We are a distributed design/build agency with broad and deep experience: frog design, innovative iPad apps pre-loaded in the Apple retail store, numerous scaled web applications, and so on. We recently closed an exciting contract with an innovative startup backed by high profile ex-Disney employees and Yale CS professors among others and are looking for an articulate, US-based creative director to take the lead on the design vision to bring this application to life.

You will be client facing during the both the design and construction phases of the contract, with some travel involved (not a ton, most likely NYC, possibly Seattle/SF Bay area) and drive the design of the application (see below.) We do have existing design resources but really need someone US-based for the client interactions as well as leading in a visionary role (doesn't it seem like every design job really needs someone like that?)

Here's our "job description":

Looking for a cutting edge designer well versed in app centric design as relates to both mobile and web. We are not building a website but an immersive web experience that needs to fluidly represent large amounts of data in a dynamic and beautiful way. This requires a modern and minimal design aesthetic combined with modern UX skills well suited to a tablet environment.

This is what we would like to see:

Show us something amazing (i.e. something a little more cutting edge than a Wordpress or Joomla site.) Have you done something amazing on mobile? How about a desktop app that’s incredible? We are not building a normal web experience so bring something interesting to the table we can talk to you «old link»oking forward to seeing amazing things from you. Call us!


Remember Chuck Norris in ‛The Octagon“ (are we dating ourselves)? Chuck was so bad-ass, he actually killed the ninjas. That’s the level of designer we want. Not that we want you to kill other designers. At least, not literally.

Author: Confidential
Category: Freelance - Other

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We are seeking a top-notch writer who can captivate readers interested in psychology, personal development, communication and interpersonal skills.

Can you create compelling headlines and substantive content while being respectful yet edgy, and personal yet challenging?

You will be requested to edit and re-purpose existing content——book, articles, emails, blog posts——and create new blog posts and articles.

Some background in psychology helpful, but not essential.

Pay - blog posts 300-600 words ($15 USD), over 600 words ($25 USD)

PAY DOUBLED for blogs you get approved as guest posts on a list of approved sites.

You will get credit for most articles you write.

Frequency 2-4 posts per week

Send short cover letter explaining relevant experience, and writing sample to jake [at] «old link»

Author: Confidential
Category: Mobile platform - Android OS

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