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We’re looking to hire a front end web developer to join the team at the Open Knowledge Foundation. We’re a small group working on a fantastic set of open-source products and services that help people create, use and share open information and data.

You’ll be able to play a leading role in creating and shaping the functionality and user experience of one of our major projects, CKAN (
Github Repo) where we build tools that make it easy to publish,
share and use data. CKAN powers «old link», the
IATI Registry, the
The Data Hub and many
other government and community data sites around the world.

Writing functional, maintainable HTML, CSS and JavaScript for our core products
Helping to define new features and functionality while continuing to improve the existing ones
Crafting an extensible front end that can be built upon and extended by others

Required: Excellent HTML, CSS and JavaScript skills
Required: Experience creating front end systems for rich internet applications
Desirable: Experience with Javascript frameworks, we use jQuery and Backbone
Desirable: Experience with CSS preprocessors like LESS and SASS
Desirable: Interest in open data and open knowledge
Nice to have: UX experience in all its infinite variety

Please see blog post for more details.

Author: Confidential
Category: Programming - Castom soft и Plagins

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Coalition Technologies is an established digital agency is looking for an SEO/PPC Specialist to deliver high quality SEO and PPC campaigns for our clients. Our company is one of the fastest growing start ups in Los Angeles with immense opportunity for growth. We offer a complete compensation package including salary, performance bonus.

Fun, fast Paced, and family driven environment, our true success comes from empowering our team to make decisions and build relationships as if they were running their own business.

Keyword Analysis, Research & Copywriting: In-depth knowledge of keyword research. This includes knowing how to identify the least inexpensive, yet most profitable keywords for client sites and whether they are running a pay per click (PPC) campaign, or want to improve their organic search results.

SEO Copywriting: This includes the aforementioned keyword research, as well as SEO writing guidelines, eg, where to place keywords in copy so that it gets the most SE traffic, how to write effective headlines and how to write effective call-to-action statements. SEO specialists are also responsible for creating (or overseeing the creation) of original SEO content for client sites, in addition to implementing off-page SEO content strategies like coding (eg, when and how to effectively use header tags (ie, H1, H2, H3)).

Search Engine Guidelines: Keeps abreast of white hat and black hat tactics so as not to run afoul of search engine guidelines.

Liaison: SEO specialists liaise with many different departments and professionals, inside their own company, with the client company and with independent contractors.

Pay Per Click - Understanding of Pay Per Click Marketing, Campaign Setup, Management, and Analysis

Additional Skills

Communication Skills: As indicated above the , an SEO specialist interacts with many different parties, hence, they must have excellent communication skills (written and verbal).

Self-Starter: As the position entails so many elements, an SEO specialist should be a self starter; someone who doesn\'t require handholding. They should be able to assess a situation, develop a plan, get approval and run with it.

Analytical Thinker: Piggybacking on the last skill, it\'s imperative that SEO specialists possess critical thinking and analytical skills. They should be able to readily identify problems and formulate practical solutions.

Author: Confidential
Category: Advertisment - Search optimisation

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Description: SEOptimise is a UK based SEO agency, focusing on SEO, PPC, Social Media, and Analytics. We are currently looking for bloggers to write and post regular articles concerning insurance. This will focus mainly on mobile website design and mobile search.

We require you to have a reasonable level of expertise in these areas, as well as experience of writing blogs, and the ability to have them published online – preferably across several sites.

You will be allowed relative freedom when it comes to the topics of your posts, however, there will be times when you will be given a brief to stick to. All posts must be relevant, insightful, and useful to readers.

Our Process:
•A brief will be sent out or a topic mutually decided upon
•Produce a post of at least 500 words
•We will assess the post and finalise it
•The blogger must then find a place to publish the post

Ideal Candidates will:
•Have excellent written English (UK not US)
•Be able to work within tight deadlines
•Have expertise concerning mobile websites – particularly mobile search and mobile web design.
•Be able to write interesting, relevant, well-structured posts
•Have the contacts necessary to get their posts published online (preferably across a range of sites)

Do not apply if:
•You are a copywriting agency
•You have no relevant expertise
•You are unable to get your posts published online

Pay: We are looking to work with several bloggers who will each be able to produce at least one post per month. Pay will be per post for the first post and monthly thereafter.

Fees will be agreed upon once examples have been seen and both parties are happy. Payments will be made once a blog post is live online.

Please send an email with your CV, a brief covering letter, and examples of previous, related work to seoptimisebloggers@gmail.com. Title the email ‘Mobile Web Blogs’ and please inform us where you are able to get your work published.

Author: Confidential
Category: Mobile platform - iPhone OS

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