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Are you a talented writer or blogger? Have you been dying to share your thoughts on many of the great Android apps and devices currently on the market?

If you answered yes to these questions, we want to hear from you! We’re currently looking for a managing editor and talented writers to write for «old link».

This is a paid position. Please send us your resume and two short writing samples related to the Android platform. Please also detail your familiarity with technology and mobile devices.

Requirements: Excellent research and writing skills. Must have a passion for Android. Knowledge of WordPress, SEO, basic HTML and image editing a plus.

Come join the fun!

Author: Confidential
Category: Mobile platform - iPhone OS

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I am looking to create long term relationships with dedicated and dependable developers who \"get\" design (every pixel counts!), love code (hopefully not physically) and problem solving (I have no joke about that) and want access to a wide breadth of projects including web, mobile and client apps for a diverse pool of clients in a variety of industries.

Past and current projects that would typify the work you could expect range from webkit based mobile apps, client apps for Windows, Wordpress themes, to implementing ecommerce and CMS solutions of practically every stripe and of course your standard (but beautiful and complex) websites!

I work primarily with startups as well as established smaller and medium sized companies which tends to mean the clients are fast paced but keen on both sophisticated design and technically adept enough to take risks and be farther out on the edge of what is required or requested for a given job. It definitely doesn\'t get boring!

Check out my website for just a smattering of recentish projects (I only say \"ish\" because sometimes the site suffers from cobblers\' kids syndrome wherein I am too busy to update it!): «old link»

Required Skills

So, what does it take to get access to all this awesome work (and resultant moola)? Well, aside from liasing with my modest self and putting up with my awful puns, you will need:
HTML5/CSS3 fluency (including best practices for backwards and mobile compatibility)
Experience with JS (wide range of libraries... jQuery, MooTools, etc.)
Twitter Bootstrap experience
Web Services experience galore
Great time management is an absolute must! Including the ability to estimate time and reliably deliver projects to those estimates
Demonstrate awesome communication skills both in terms of project management as well as helping to define project parameters - I am looking for a real team member who can help craft projects from the ground up and not simply be a code monkey!

The web isn\'t static, and the projects reflect that in their variety... So, if you have a general desire to learn a new platform or share your knowledge of one that might fit a given project and the flexiblity to take on projects that may stretch the bounds of what you know or may be comfortable with then we may have a good fit.

Author: Confidential
Category: Web Development - Web design and Redisign

- closed


CheriMedia group is moving one of our properties from a proprietary cms (php+mysql) to WordPress. We are seeking a qualified applicant with knowledge of database migration and the WordPress database api.

Responsabilitys include:
creation of database migration strategy
script a taxonomy term export tool to convert existing tags to custom taxonomies in new WordPress environment
script a post export tool to convert existing posts to custom post types in new WordPress environment
script a url redirect export tool to record existing urls that can be used to redirect old posts to the new permalink structure
script a testing / verification tool that will confirm that the correct number of posts have been sucessfully imported into the database.

Send a cover letter describing why your experience would be a good fit for this position, resume, and link to your online portfolio to russell@cherimedia.com Please include recent WordPress experience
and a reference to developers or dba's that you have worked with on similar projects.

Cheri Media is an online publishing company with staff in New York, Los Angeles, and Atlanta. We are a passionate group of individuals that are dedicated to making the music journalism world better with superior thought leadership and innovative interactive experiences. Our flagship publication is «old link», which serves a monthly audience of 2 million readers.

Author: Confidential
Category: Programming - Other

- closed


We need a high end Branding Designer with samples to show!

Think complete identity systems, logos, fully fleshed out work across several platforms.

You will be responsible for designing brand, brochure, and collateral materials, primarily print for the client.

If you feel you are qualified for this position please send your resume and samples to: chicago62@jobalert.creativecircle.com

View additional job opportunities at «old link»

Author: Confidential
Category: Design - Other

- closed