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Our client is a large ad agency who is presently looking for a full-time DEVELOPER to add to their team.

Their ideal candidates would have 3-5 years of agency experience building web and mobile applications.

This is a large ad agency and they are growing and need solid developers with strong VB.NET/ASP.NET based web applications. Additional bonus if you have Apache, PHP, MySQL, JSP, Oracle, HTML5, CSS3 and/or Wordpress.

Prefer candidates with a healthcare/ pharma background.

Starts: As soon as they identify the right candidate

Author: Confidential
Category: Programming - Castom soft и Plagins

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Seeking a web designer/developer to undertake the building of a text message marketing site (SMS knowledge not required). Freelance work may turn into full-time position in Las Vegas, NV. Must have experience with rails development from top to bottom:
Recurring Billing API

Author: Confidential
Category: Web Development - Web design and Redisign

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We are looking for passionate Pop Culture fan-boys and girls to provide content for various niches of Entertainment News. We are looking to beef up our flow of brief yet poignant observations of happenings in the global news stream. Our ideal blogger knows how to take a beat-to-death topic and give it the verve of a newborn meme.

Posts will be written on Wordpress, will be between 300 and 500 words, and will feature at least one image. A good understanding of how to use SEO tools is a plus.

Payment is made at the end of each month.

Author: Confidential
Category: Mobile platform - iPhone OS

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EnlightenNext, a global non-profit organization supporting the work of spiritual teacher Andrew Cohen, is seeking a freelance web designer to help in building landing pages and updating websites for our many events and sales campaigns. We are looking for someone who can work on both large projects and also be available to do updates to existing sites ongoingly. We are flexible in terms of payments and can either pay by the hour or by the project, depending on the «old link»re are some examples of the kind of sites we would like built based on pre-designed PSDs:
«old link»
«old link»;#65279;

Here are some examples of the sites that will need updating:
«old link»
«old link»

Finally, here's a list of the job requirements:
Strong CSS skills.
Ability to create HTML templates from PSDs.
Cross browser compatibility, valid code.
Very reliable (Responds to communications within a day, implements the changes all changes we ask for).
Flexible enough to do smaller website updates on short notice (within 2-3 days).
Willing to potentially work with us on an ongoing basis.

Author: Confidential
Category: Programming - Castom soft и Plagins

- closed


Freelance interactive art director seeks freelance graphic designer to work remotely on a variety of projects. Clients include book publishers, arts organizations, grassroots culture changers, and lots of tech startups. You'll work on web apps, iPhone apps, and Facebook apps, taking wireframes or rough comps into clear, polished designs.

Multiple personalities — able to design for top chefs, aging rock stars, vampire-obsessed authors, or nonprofit board members. Happy with clean minimalism or colorful expressionism.
Obsessive-compulsive attention to details and deadlines. You re-read instructions. You aced the kerning game. You name your layers, version your files, and back up everything. You also know when to loosen up and break the rules.
Extroverted nature — you share what you're thinking, give regular status updates, and don't hesitate to jump on Skype or IRC to ask questions.
Bachelor's degree (or the equivalent) in graphic arts
Strong portfolio with a variety of styles and a focus on user interface design

Technical requirements:
Expert in Photoshop
Proficient in Illustrator
Very familiar with HTML/CSS — you design smartly and can prep files for release
Very familiar with Twitter and Facebook — you use or go beyond their UI patterns

Bonus points:
HTML5/CSS3 knowledge
iOS design experience

This is a remote position, but there is the opportunity for NYC-based people to come in for meetings, work sessions, or Beer Fridays at an amazing coworking space in DUMBO, Brooklyn.

Author: Confidential
Category: Web Development - Web design and Redisign

- closed


We're currently looking for a talented and experienced Flex / AS3 developer to join our team. Enthusiasm is as important as skill set, as we see this as a role that will develop with the right candidate. Initially the job will involve working on our flex application fine tuning existing code and integrating HTML themes into a back end PHP framework.

Expert knowledge of FLEX applications, AS3 and MVC frameworks
Expert in PHP/Mysql
A talent for taking visual concepts and translating this on the backend where things "simply work"
Understanding of user interface and experience in an application setting
Experience working with Media servers
Javascript experience a plus.
Front end or design skills plus.


We are developing a next generation platform that will change online product marketing forever. Needless to say, finding the right person will be very important. If you believe you have the right skill set and are currently available for at least 10-15 per week than we'd love to talk to you. This position has the potential to be long term for the right candidate. 

Author: Confidential
Category: Flash - Other

- closed


Machineart Industrial Design is looking for an industrial designer with a full 2+ years of work experience able to commute to work on a daily basis to Western New Jersey. We are about 1 hour 15 minutes from both NYC and Philadelphia.

This is a freelance opportunity that may evolve into a full-time relationship. We need professional looking ideation skills on paper or tablet and the requisite Photoshop and Illustrator rendering ability. Capabilities in SolidWorks, in mock-up/model making, and an understanding how things work will be important criteria for full-time consideration.

Machineart is a small group working in a studio atmosphere in a country setting. We work on everything from consumer & industrial electronics to children's products, sports gear and motorcycles. If you enjoy working on hardware and soft goods and have an elegant style, you speak our language. If you can figure out how to make things work while making them beautiful, you will be held in high regard.

The prospective designer will work full time at our studio during business hours alongside other employees. Work would be on a project basis lasting from a few weeks to a few months. The first project will last one month and be starting very soon. A full-time offer may come at any time.

«old link»
«old link»
Specific Skills

- BA/BS in Industrial Design.
- A minimum of 2 years experience working as an Industrial Designer.
(if you don't have 2 years experience but can meet all other criteria, we will give you consideration if the portfolio is exceptional).
- A sensibility for design language development
- Strong in idea sketching, and Photoshop/Illustrator rendering capabilities.
- 3D modeling skills: SolidWorks is our core tool; Alias Studio Tools is secondary
- An understanding of materials and manufacturing processes.

Author: Confidential
Category: Design - Other

- closed


Windfarm Studios, a Nashville-based web design & development studio, is looking for freelance design help with overflow work. We would prefer someone who is a full-time freelancer for availability purposes, but are open to various situations.

Typical projects include mid-size ecommerce or dynamic brochure site designs from the ground up. We stick strictly to a UXD phase, so a designer would have to be comfortable working from wireframes, and, ideally, be someone who desires to contribute to the UXD process. Projected 2012 projects may include additions of mobile and touch interface design, in addition to traditional web design.

Experienced web designer with a strong portfolio
Comfortable designing from & interpreting wireframes
Reliable, meets deadlines, excellent communication

The work is hourly or project based, with potential for set monthly commitment of steady work each month. Competitive, hourly pay.

Author: Confidential
Category: Web Development - Web design and Redisign

- closed


Seeking WRITERS who are detail orientated, deadline driven, and who strive to write engaging commentary using solid writing skills. Must be prepared to research and write on any topic. Specialty writers must have working experience in the designated field or have been writing in the specific area for several years and have high quality sample articles for review. Rates will vary depending on the quality of your work from $1/500 words and as high as $1/100 words. Please use the work ‛Writer“ in the subject line; job code 1001.

Seeking Forum POSTERS with experience in fair and festival businesses or just a strong interest in starting a business as a fair vendor or working at a fair or festival. Posters must post original (non-plagiarized), thoughtful content that is not copied from any other sources. Any topic related to the boards shown on the forum may be discussed. Rates for new topics are $1 per topic that creates 10 post responses or less, $2 per topic that creates 10 post responses or more. Please use the work ‛Poster“ in the subject line; job code 1002.

Seeking PROOFREADERS who have a keen eye for errors and are comfortable working through a high volume of text on aggressive deadlines. This is a steady contract position. The rate for proofreading is $0.30 per 500 words. There are also opportunities to earn more than this starting rate as we occasionally have projects that pay more per article. Please use the word ‛Proofreader“ in the subject line; Job Code 1003.

Seeking RECRUITERS for a ghostwriting/copywriting company. All contact via email. Prefer candidates within the recruiting and sourcing industry. No applicants will be considered without recruiting experience. This is a contract position, commission only. Please use the word ‛Recruiter“ in the subject line; Job Code 1004

Author: Confidential
Category: Mobile platform - iPhone OS

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