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AKQA's Washington DC office has an immediate need for a dedicated and talented freelance interaction designer/information architect. We're looking for a creative thinker with a background in human factors, user experience and usability practices to help develop applications within a large government web site.


• Innovate new online interactions and suggest improvements to the offline customer experience

• Generate wireframes, user flows that capture requirements, embrace usability best practices, and communicate fresh approaches

• Develop solutions that integrate with existing applications and ensure consistency with established UX patterns

• Collaborate closely with copywriters, designers and technologists to design web site features, functionality and applications

• Explain concepts to clients in person and on paper

• Always be an advocate for users, consistently defending their needs and wants

• Keep pace with the latest perspectives on user experience


• 3 yrs of web experience with at least 2 years of user experience and/or IA work

• Strong understanding of usability and user experience best practices

• Understanding of technical limitations and CMS-driven environments

• Creative problem-solving skills with excellent attention to detail

• Experience in IA and design tools: InDesign

• Strong written communication skills


• Knowledge of the U.S. Rehabilitation Act compliance (Section 508)

All work must be completed on-site at our Georgetown office.

Project Duration: asap for 3 months. Could convert to full-time.

Author: Confidential
Category: Design - Other

- closed

Specific Skills
- Must have at least three years in high-end floral design
- background as production/ floral design manager a plus
- strong management skills
- knowledge or ordering flowers (SF Flower Market)
Out or State/Country Ordering experience required
- Bring experience coordinating and overseeing hi-end event installations
- Experience managing staffing for events/ Booking Staff (on freelance basis); Experience with Client Samples
_Ability to work directly with clients/ Sales and Warehouse team
-- Project management & logistics and Planning Skills
Ability to drive Cargo Vans
Ability to work under pressure
Coordinate event setup and teardown crew
Handle last minute events/pop ups
Strong Leadership Skills
Ability to build maintain vendor and client relationships
Strategic Planner; Self- Starter in Fast paced environment
Knowledge of Flowers/plants
Computer skills with Microsoft Suite
Valid driver’s license

Author: Confidential
Category: Design - Other

- closed

Startup Book Publisher seeking E-book Designer/Producer for ongoing projects. This is a paid freelance position (though a bit shoestring) with an opportunity to expand your knowledge of the multimedia publishing business.
Responsibilities include:
- Researching and investigating the various electronic publishing platforms currently available: Apple products (ipad, apps), Android (Google), Kindle (Amazon), html5 (websites).
-Educating the rest of the team on features and costs of each platform. Staying up on digital platforms in development.
- Designing and producing e-books and interactive content in various formats for Black Balloon titles. Reimagining our titles to best use available platforms.

About us:
BLACK BALLOON is a small publisher with a unique vision. «old link» We produce books and literary projects in various multimedia formats for web and other electronic publishing platforms, as well as print books and CDs. We appreciate material that is fresh, honest, and moving (sans sticky sentiment). We are not afraid of the bizarre, shocking, or creepy. Our goal is to help a limited number of very talented writers get the support and recognition they deserve in today's tragic publishing conditions, where incredible books are often remaindered in a matter of months and phenomenal authors are overlooked altogether. The reining houses seem too skittish to chance idiosyncratic styles, and this depresses us.

Specific Skills
We're looking for someone with:
- A strong design background
- Experience developing at least one type of digital book.
- Eagerness to master other platforms.
- Fascination/obsession with electronic publishing, and strong knowledge base in this area.
- Overflowing love of books, especially literary fiction.
- Based in NYC

Author: Confidential
Category: Design - Other

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You think the current look and feel of our site sucks. After 10 minutes of thinking and sketching, you have three simple changes to help make it cohere. In 20 minutes, you have put together a PSD file with three different versions of your changes.

Other things about you:

•You think about branding and design constantly.
•Your natural workflow includes making many versions, selecting the best, then making many more versions.
•You have portfolio which includes both web and printed sales-y documents. The web examples should have some interactive components to them.
•You have an appreciation for the design constraints of the web (limited fonts, limited bandwidth, limited everything.)
•You have the self-confidence to work in an opinionated, quick environment.
•You excel at using words and images to convey a punchy message.

Author: Confidential
Category: Design - Other

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Are you the one whom friends and relatives contact first when they have trouble with their computers? Do you like playing around with new software, and tweaking different settings on your computer? If that's a yes, then we need you.

Guiding Tech is a growing tech blog that publishes descriptive, screenshot-rich tutorials and guides on Windows, internet apps, software and more. Our articles are written in clear, understandable English with great screenshots.

We are looking for staff writers who can contribute a minimum of 2 posts per week. Please visit the site and check out some of the articles to get an idea of the kind of stuff we publish.

You should be someone who has an eye for detail, a passion for tech in general and loves troubleshooting tech problems. Other requirements include good English writing skills, ability to grasp things quickly and commitment to submitting 2 posts per week (at least).

Familiarity with tech blogging, Wordpress, RSS feeds etc is a plus. People with prior experience in tech writing (online/print) will be preferred.

Compensation would be $12 per post, paid via Paypal each month, with a scope for increase later on.

Email editor@guidingtech.com with the following information.

1. Your name, location and a bit about yourself.
2. Your primary operating system and browser.
3. Previous writing experience if any (please include links to your posts).
4. Your favorite tech blogs/sites, if any.

Please NO ATTACHED RESUMES. Only text emails. And apply only if you can commit to submitting a minimum of 2 articles per week.

Author: Confidential
Category: Mobile platform - Android OS

- closed

Do you have a background in gardening, patio design, bbq cooking, wine country, outdoor kitchen design, viticulture, feng shui? By background, I do not mean that you like to BBQ or that you went to wine country once. We are looking for bonafide experts in these fields to write articles to be published on our blog. You would get paid per article.

If this is you, please email samples of your work along with an explanation as to why your background makes you an authority on this topic.

IMPORTANT: Make sure to put WRITER – (ENTER AREA OF EXPERTISE HERE) in the subject line. Emails that don't include multiple writing samples and an introduction will be dismissed.

We are also hiring Bloggers. YOU MUST HAVE YOUR OWN BLOG, IT MUST HAVE A PAGE RANK AND IT MUST BE REGULARLY UPDATED. We would pay you based on your google page rank. Here’s how it would work. I would assign you a topic. You would write about that topic on your blog and link to our site.

If you’re interested, please email me the URL of your blog along with the page rank.

IMPORTANT: Make sure to put BLOGGER in the subject line and include the topic of your blog. We are looking especially for blogs about bbq, cooking, home improvement, gardening and wine.

Author: Confidential
Category: Mobile platform - Android OS

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•Generate wireframes, user flows and site maps that capture requirements, embrace usability best practices, and communicate fresh approaches
•Collaborate closely with designers and technologists to design web site features, functionality and applications
•Ability to provide rationale behind strategic, architectural, and design decisions and to disseminate information to both creative and technical teams - in person and on paper
•Always be an advocate for users, consistently defending their needs and wants
•Keep pace with the latest perspectives on user experience

•5+ yrs of web experience with at least 5 years of user experience and/or information architecture work
•Superb information design abilities, efficient production and optimization habits, and problem solving skills
•Strong understanding of usability and user experience best practices
•Creative problem-solving skills with excellent attention to detail
•Demonstrated experience with Omnigraffle
•Strong written and verbal communication skills

Author: Confidential
Category: Design - Other

- closed

Hey guys.
Been making music for quite some time now. Stopped for a while and now back up and running. Looking to get back into the scene with a great new logo! My music is very relaxing and ambient sort of glitchy in parts. So the logo would have to reflect this. I'm a student so I can only offer so much money. With all this in mind I don't expect many people to get back to me (if any) but I thought I may aswell try. =]

Author: Confidential
Category: Design - Logos

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We are a German Multigaming League which is growing and growing.

I tried to do some own Designs, but i am not good in Design things and working with Photoshop. So we are actually searching for a Designer that helps us doing a New Design for our Homepage and making a good and nice Logo which keeps the Users in Mind.

We are able to pay some Money and make some Advertismement as well for the Designer.

For further Questins or something i am always availabe via ICQ or PM.

Author: Confidential
Category: Design - Banners Gif/Jpeg/Png

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Hello, and thank you for taking the time to read this.

I currently need a simple image to be crafted, preferably hand drawn with little or no photoshop, and black and white image. Whether you desire pay or not makes no matter to me, I will be at your whim. Though, I am not asking for much.

Please feel free to email me at, virulentcontusions@gmail.com

I really appreciate any and all inquiries, as I will explain in further detail as to what I desire.
Again, thanks for your time

Author: ~Jeremy
Category: Design - Illustration

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