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Date Offers: Freelance - Other Budget

Experienced Associate Beauty Editor for a WOC GREEN Beauty Brand

I am head of marketing for a green beauty brand for women of color: «old link».

Looking for a new Associate Beauty Editor. Looking for a freelancer or agency that works on a monthly retainer. $2000 monthly retainer.

Looking for someone to one board and start in early April. We are currently mid campaigns and dealing with a lot of pivots due to the current climate. Serious strategic experience only! We need to onboard you quickly and for you to start executing right away! You need to bring processes and templates with you that can be implemented right away! A-Players only!

We are THE first beauty brand to combine the power of green beauty, natural haircare and e-learning. Our mission is to become the number one resource for women of color as they go through their natural hair growth journey.

We do that through approaching the natural hair care journey holistically using our 3-pronged system of Organic hair care products, fundamental natural hair care Education and Community support.

We started as just a CPG brand but we have now expanded to digital products as well so we can fulfill our customers «old link»r brand allows our customer to choose the level of guidance on the journey she needs.

We are also looking to work with someone for the long-term. We are building a team of talented professionals that want to do some amazing, cutting edge digital marketing.

Finally, one of our core values as a company is continuous self-improvement. If this describes how you like to live your life personally and professionally, you'll fit in well with us.

We want to create a repetitive workflow that's easy to learn but, we always want to make it better. Making it better will be part of your responsibility

Besides your Cv please let me know a bit about yourself, why you love beauty and wellness (specifically concerning women of color) and why did this opportunity peak your interest. Also please INCLUDE links to your previous writing articles ( please include at least 5 relevant, recent articles).

Thank you!

Author: Confidential
Category: Freelance - Other

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Are you and excellent researcher? Are you a self starter that is excellent at execution?

We are looking for a enthusiastic individual to research opportunities for our company.

Our company is an exciting and innovative for-profit music streaming company.

Opportunities you would research include; grants, government contracts, private
contracts, competitions and contests.

Our company is currently working with some of the brightest and freshest in the app
development industry. Our goal is to set a new bar in the music streaming industry.

This is an ongoing part time position possibly with potential to be full-time in the future.

Skills should include; research, English, excel or google sheets and love music.

Send CV/resume to email.

Author: Confidential
Category: Freelance - Other

- closed

We are looking for Czech to English translation for 2 legal documents.
We will be paying 500 Euro for it.
Interested may contact us.

Author: -
Category: Freelance - Other

- closed

We’re looking to hire writers who can help us with digital marketing-related articles.

If you can take on more writing projects, we welcome you to apply.

***What We're Looking For***

The kind of applicants we’re looking for are:

1. Trustworthy and honest.
2. Reliable and consistent.
3. Someone who can produce articles with a high level of polish. (The tone we use is often conversational or business-like.)
4. Someone who knows their way around digital marketing.

***How to Apply***

If you’re interested, please fill out this form -- «old link»

Also, please send a short email to jimmy @ «old link» explaining why you are the best person for the job. (Your application will not be considered without this.)

The form above ^ also contains details about the job offer like the pay, topic, and workload.


Inasmuch as we'd like to offer a higher pay rate, we can only offer $30 - $50 per article (1k words minimum) for now since we're just starting.

If you prefer a full-time post, let us know how much is your monthly fee considering the workload of 1-2 articles daily, about 1000 words each.

If this is a rate you can accommodate, we'll be more than happy to consider you for the job.

Thank you in advance for taking the time to apply! Cheers!

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Category: Freelance - Other

- closed